10 Anime Openings That Experiment With Their Art Style


Music is an often overlooked component of anime production. It’s also one of the most crucial factors in setting the tone and atmosphere of the show. The opening theme often serves as the audience’s introduction to the world of anime, acting as a condensed compilation of storytelling experiences viewers should expect from the series.

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While many shows treat overtures as an afterthought, not giving much thought to their cinematography and musical distinctiveness, the most attentive and competent series never underestimate the power of a strong overture. . Still, a catchy theme song isn’t the only way to make an opening stand out. Some more creative anime series also experiment with their art style, creating unique and unforgettable visuals that might look nothing like the show but stick with viewers forever.

10/10 The first opening of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has become the show’s calling card

The Bizarre Adventure of Jojo Sono Chi no Sadame

Jojo’s Bizarre AdventureThe anime adaptation of created a unique animation style for its opening sequences, which dramatically bring the manga to life. While everything JJBA The openings did something distinctive with their visuals, the first, Sono Chi no Sadame, remains the show’s most iconic symbol.

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Structurally, the opening follows a familiar pattern, highlighting key moments in Jonathan’s story in Phantom Blood. Yet visually, it’s unmatched, with impressive CGI animation, moving manga panels, and fast transitions to present to audiences. JJBA beautiful and unpredictable world.

9/10 Monogatari’s Hitagi Ending Opening Has A Nostalgic Feel

Monogatari Hitagi Ending Opening

The cult classic of experimental comedy, the Monogatari series, likes to be creative with its openings. Each arc opens with a uniquely designed musical number to fit the story’s themes and portray its main female protagonist. Some of the overtures go so far as to change the entire aesthetic of the show, such as the theme of Monogatari second season Hitagi end arc.

Centering on the series’ female hero Senjougahara and her aloof antagonist Kaiki Deishuu, the opening blends the series’ original look with a distinctive old-school art style. Nostalgic 80s anime aesthetic makes it stand out even indoors by Monogatari impressive musical composition.

desert punk opening

The hilarious and gross sci-fi action series desert punk is a celebration of the rebellious spirit of its creators, who are unashamed to be different in every way possible. The show’s opener, Sand Mission, perfectly captures the rowdy nature of the show, having fun defying audience expectations.

The opening is entirely live-action, featuring an actor dressed as the show’s protagonist, masked handyman Sunabouzu, jumping and rolling in the sand. The bizarre sequence is set to an upbeat punk track recorded in the singer’s kitchen, adding to the opener’s unruly vibe.

7/10 The opening sequence of Elfen Lied is inspired by classical art

Overture to Elfen Lied

In horror anime, aesthetics and mood play a crucial role in setting the tone of the series, creating a hauntingly dark atmosphere. elf lied figured out how to incorporate this notion into its opening, leading to the creation of the iconic hymnal title Lilium.

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The chilling yet soothing musical number is based on biblical passages and sung entirely in Latin, adding to the surreal tone of the theme. Visually, the opening uses the paintings of Gustav Klimt as its base, incorporating the show’s characters into the artist’s signature motif work.

6/10 The great teacher Onizuka pulled out all the stops with his iconic and stylish OP

great teacher onizuka opening

For old school anime fans, Grandmaster Onizuka will always be the pinnacle of slice-of-life comedy. Even decades after the show’s conclusion, it remains one of the most refreshing and inventive examples of its genre. Many also remember GTO for its signature opener, Driver’s High, a visually stunning and stylistically unique expression of the show’s dualistic tone.

Entirely in black and white, the footage isn’t afraid to be minimalist, as its sleek composition of shots saves it from looking bland and boring. Instead, the boundaries of the art make this iconic opening truly unique and memorable.

5/10 Beastars took on the challenge of creating a stop-motion opening sequence

opening of the beastars

Beastars has already blown away audiences’ expectations by showcasing some of the most impressive CGI animations the medium has ever seen. Nevertheless, the show’s first opening theme, Wild Side, took Beastars‘ artistic expressiveness even further. By teaming up with acclaimed stop-motion animators at midget studios, the show’s creators brought their unorthodox stylistic vision to life.

The entire opening sequence is executed in stop-motion, one of the most laborious types of animation. Despite the technical difficulties, the Beastars The team did an amazing job with this experience, even adding a spectacular dance number at the end of the opening.

4/10 Spy X Family OP Looks Like The Dreamscape Of Its Beloved Child Protagonist

spy x family opening

action comedy Spy X Family was the unexpected hit of 2022, almost instantly earning modern classic status. The show’s most distinctive selling point was its adorable child protagonist Anya, who stole the hearts of all the show’s characters and viewers.

The first opening of the show adopts the aesthetic of children’s drawings, colored and heavily stylized to look like adorable childish scribbles. Cute, simplistic scenes of the Forgers’ family activities intertwine with fast-paced sequences of Yor and Loid’s sinister alter-egos, underscoring the series’ thrilling tonal mashup.

3/10 Ping Pong The Opening Animation Is Even More Experimental Than The Show Itself

ping pong opening animation

Masaaki Yuasa is rightly considered one of anime’s most unique and creative directors. Each of his shows has an unorthodox sense of visual flow and style, which is often reflected in their opening sequences. Visually, Ping Pong Animation even stands out among Yuasa’s impressive library of works.

The same goes for the show’s hectic opening, which mixes different styles of hand-drawn animation to create a fluid sequence of non-stop motion. The opening is raw and expressive, as is the show itself, once again proving Yuasa’s mastery as a high-end anime creator.

Opening of Hanada Shonen-Shi

The underrated old-school slice-of-life classic, Hanada Shōnen-Shi, was keen to capture the unique calming and adventurous atmosphere of the show when it opened. The sequence combines colorful pencil sketches by the series’ hyperactive child hero, Ichiro Hanada, with images of real-life locations, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

The whole opening is liberating and high-spirited, inviting the audience to join the boy on his exploratory journey. For a show about coexistence with the paranormal world, this mixed-media opening couldn’t be more appropriate.

1/10 Gintama pranked viewers with his hilarious MC painting opening

microsoft gintama paint opening

One of the most creative and ambitious anime gag, Gintama has never shied away from meta humor. The show even dared to get creative with its opening, often changing them for a laugh. by Gintama The notorious Character Polls arc pushes its meta-humor in hilariously poking fun at Shonen Jump’s popularity polls.

In the classic Gintama fashion, after making a joke about the murder of the series creators, the cinematic series opener Light Infection turns into a hilarious amateur parody made up of childish stills drawn entirely in MC Paint.

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