A New Artistic Concept of Place Creation Comes to Downtown Lynchburg This Fall | Local News


From these lights, colorful epoxy resin circles will be installed that will twist and rotate, creating movement above the head.

She said there will also be painted doors in the alley to create fun photo opportunities for pedestrians.

A large-scale mural will be painted at the very end of the alley, where there is a cinder block building.

Brown said a garage door will be replaced as artists will paint a mural created from words DLA Instagram followers have thought of when they think of downtown Lynchburg.

“It was very nice to see what people thought about the vibrancy of the city center,” she said. “So we gave them to the artists, and these are going to be incorporated somehow and it will be abstract with realistic elements.”

Brown said she was hoping for a September install and an October opening for the alley.

Art Alley elements were designed by professional artists from across Central Virginia.

The project costs $ 60,000 but is funded by various businesses and fundraising efforts.

“Art is a career, and we want to make sure that we nurture and give back to these artists in the best possible way,” Brown said. “We are not asking for any gifts. All of these artists are being paid for their time and for their effort, and it is very important that we do that, so that we can continue to develop that vibrancy and that element of downtown life.


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