Allschool to Demonstrate Its One-Stop Homeschooling Solution at the Big Homeschool Convention


The diverse selection of 12+ global themed courses allows homeschoolers to discover intriguing facts about different nations and expand their minds. At the same time, using Allschool’s self-developed system class tool “talk to the center of the Stage” and other interactive features, school children can Make friends all around the world without leaving their homes. They can also communicate freely in a relaxed atmosphere and improve their social and emotional skills.

Allschool’s one-stop solution is designed to allow parents to take full advantage of the flexibility that homeschooling offers while giving learners access to premium online courses. A myriad of course options for complete standard programs are proposed which gives homeschoolers the freedom to individualize curriculum structure. In addition, all courses are taught by accredited and experienced teachers with diverse educational and professional backgrounds.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new ‘Homeschool Package’ homeschooling solution at this long-awaited event which attracts countless online education providers and homeschooling families across the continent each year. It draws on our excellent educational resources and extensive experience in creating a fun and interactive online learning platform for give children the opportunity to experience the culture of the world by making friends with students from all over the world. The solution includes 12 lessons designed and delivered by experienced home teachers to adapt to children’s different learning styles, skill levels and interests, allowing them to experience a new approach to home schoolingringing,” said Jacob KantorAllschool’s US Regional Business Development Manager makes an announcement at the Great Homeschool Convention.

The move comes as more American families are beginning to embrace homeschooling as a solution to fill gaps in their children’s education due to the pandemic. The National Homeschooling Research Institute has recorded a significant increase in the number of families switching to homeschooling and estimates that this figure continues to rise at the rate of 2% to 8% each year.

With its flexible learning environment, Allschool online programs not only allow students to select the desired subjects to achieve their unique goals, but also allow them to learn anytime, anywhere with online courses at their pace.

In an interview with Ms Homa, an Allschool homeschooler who has also worked as an English, art and history teacher in a public school for 18 years, she said: “It is important that children in school at home have peer discussion and have access to different opinions around the world. The greater diversity of the online education platform can strengthen their social connections or skills.”

“We understand that homeschooled parents are constantly looking for a new way to allow their children to better interact with other students. With this in mind, Allschool strives to create a space where learners from all over the world can come together to find common topics and interests, make friends and have fun,” said Jack Shanco-founder of Allschool.

About Allschool

Allschool is an innovative online platform that offers highly interactive live lessons in small groups to children around the world. Through Allschool, learners can enjoy a variety of premium live lessons – including math, language, visual arts, game design, and more. – taught by thousands of dedicated and talented teachers from around the world.

Expert in online education, Allschool has developed a set of innovative and specially designed teaching and learning tools that bring significant changes to learning outcomes, allowing students to immerse themselves in a rewarding, fun and interactive that allows them to explore and pursue their interests while making school fun and enjoyable.



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