Amazing Star Wars Concept Art Shows Scrapped Episode 9


star wars: The force awakens was a promising start for the sequel trilogy. The film perfectly balanced the nostalgia of fan service with the introduction of interesting new characters, and overall received a much better reception than the prequels. It’s such a shame that the sequel trilogy finally lost its way.

The problem is that while the sequel trilogy offered some interesting storylines and visuals, the overall product was disjointed. Rian Johnson’s ideas did not match JJ Abrams’ ideas. There was no overall plan, which meant that although The Rise of Skywalker was a perfectly enjoyable movie, it wasn’t an entirely satisfying ending. Cancellation by Colin Trevorrow Episode 9 although it could have been the finale the trilogy needed.

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It’s true. Trevorrow was originally set to direct Episode 9 which he had titled Duel of Fates. The film would have been mostly shot on Coruscant, with Trevorrow choosing to focus on the effects of the First Order’s iron rule. Trevorrow’s finale would have been set on Mortis as opposed to Exegol, and the film would ideally have featured Leia in a much larger role – although that ultimately wouldn’t have been possible due to the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher.

We’ll never see Trevorrow’s vision come to life, but the concept art for Duel of Fates exists, and it has recently resurfaced online (Thanks to Reddit user wendigo72). The artwork shows us just how unique and action-packed Trevorrow’s finale could have been. Take a look below.

Rey totally should have been wielding this very cool double-ended lightsaber, and it looks like Duel of Fates could even have presented the Zeffo of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Trevorrow’s vision was clearly quite dark. This laser guillotine is no joke. It is certainly far from The Rise of Skywalker.


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