Among us, a redesign of the artistic style and larger halls


Following the successful release of the new Airship map from Among Us, InnerSloth reveals its future plans, including a revamp of the art style and larger halls.

among us, art is reorganizing the lobbies

A new map has finally been added to Among us, InnerSloth’s huge thriller game. The airship card for Among us was a long time coming, and fans are excited to finally be able to enjoy it. As the developer releases him into the wild, he’s also taking time to share some future plans with the community, which apparently includes an art style overhaul, bigger lobbies, and more transparency.

By some accounts, Among us is the biggest game of all time in terms of monthly games. While the success is something to celebrate, it must also be overwhelming for InnerSloth, a small team who were likely taken aback by how quickly Among us burst onto the gaming scene. It’s wise to provide a game plan for the future, and the team has clarified some of their plans with a recent blog-style update.

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Now that The Airship is live, InnerSloth has made its three goals known to its fans. The idea of ​​a complete overhaul of the art style is one that may seem a little surprising. Among us is already iconic thanks to its imagery alone, it might seem like a dangerous decision to stray too far in terms of aesthetics. According to the update, the art style has already been updated and the animation process has been cleaned up as well. Soon, these changes will be implemented in the game, and it is likely that the changes will not be drastic, even if the term “redesign” looks like it.

The other big change concerns the size of the lobby (which has been Among us wishlist for a while), as InnerSloth plans to allow 15 players per game soon. The Airship map is large, so increasing the size to 15 makes a lot of sense, especially with players able to set rules within each match. Finally, it looks like InnerSloth wants to be more transparent going forward with updates on the game’s development progress. Today’s tweet and blog is an example of the team doing just that. , so it looks like InnerSloth is off to a good start.

The success of Among us is difficult to understand, and the game will likely return with the launch of the new Airship map. In addition to the card, Among us released an Airship Skin Pack as the team balances ongoing free and paid content. As long as InnerSloth continues to communicate with fans and work for better support for the game, the future looks bright for Among us.

Among us is currently available for Android, iOS, PC, and Switch. An Xbox Series X / S release is slated for 2021.

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