Antique Nomad, George Higby, Comes to Marietta for the Glass Convention


PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) – The history and tradition of glass art in Ohio and West Virginia is why glass conventions like Rosie’s Glass Convention draw so many people .

“Fenton Glass has a legacy just over the river in West Virginia and so many people here have been a part of it. It was such a big place that everything was shipped to places across the country and the world. So it’s the natural place to come back for a convention on the art glass they’ve made,” said George Higby, The Antique Nomad.

Higby’s passion for all things glass began in his home country as a young child.

“Well, I got into this because the northwest where I’m originally from, the Seattle area, is really big on art glass because in Chagollan, the school Pilchuck and all that and so people there collect all kinds of art glass and are really into it. So I was into glassblowing from an early age and was fascinated by what people could do with it,” Higby said.

He just hopes that with glass art seeming to lose interest over the generations, that interest will one day be regained.

“We always talk in the antiques and vintage business about what we can do to get young people more interested in these things and connect with the things that happened before they were here. We like to bring a really big variety so we’re going to have traditions and picky things like maybe your grandma 30 years ago and for a lot of people that triggers a certain nostalgia and that’s what drives them to start collecting, but also we’re going to have some really modern stuff that looks like it was made yesterday but is actually 50 years old. Higby said.

Higby thinks conventions like these could be the resurgence of interest in glass art in the MOV.

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