Beyond The Streets New Art Gallery Lands at La Brea in Los Angeles


The inaugural exhibition is Post graffiti, a showcase of five decades of graffiti art, beginning with the artists who laid the groundwork in the 70s and 80s and tracing the history of the medium to the present day. Today’s graffiti artists continue to push the boundaries of form, from interactive pieces to the use of drones and other new technologies.

Featured among the many striking works are two by the artist Philip Pantone sound “Manipulated Chromadynamica“, interlocking aluminum pieces with UV paints so they can be rotated and slid into different configurations. Each time you look at them, they catch a different ray of light, giving an altered perspective on the piece.

There is also Compton native work Ozzie Juareza superb piece entitled “Yohua-Tlanēx-tliwhich transforms ancient Aztec art into psychedelic, modern work that uses water-based enamel, acrylic, flash, airbrush, and even dirt gravel on canvas.

Another work reflects a four-decade collaboration, a combined piece by legendary street artists FUTURA2000 and Kenny Scharf it almost originally happened when they did a combo show in 1982. That bond finally came to fruition this year, a fusion of their two styles with spray paint and oil, abstract geometric shapes and cartoonish faces in bright colors.


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