Callisto Protocol Dev Shares Concept Art, Promises ‘Real Thing’ Soon


Glen Schofield, CEO of the company behind upcoming horror game The Callisto Protocol, has shared concept art for the title ahead of the actual footage.

Glen Schofield has shared some concept art for his upcoming game The Callisto Protocol, teasing that it’s almost time to reveal the game itself. Glen Schofield is the current CEO and Founder of the Callisto ProtocolStriking Distance Studios, the developer of Striking Distance Studios. He is also the creator and executive producer of the acclaimed sci-fi horror series dead space.

The Callisto Protocol is considered a spiritual successor of dead space series. While there is currently a dead space remake made by Electronic Arts, slated for release in 2023, Schofield is not involved in the development of the remake. However, as we have seen in The Callisto Protocol trailer, Schofield created an atmosphere very evocative of dead space, with a dark and terrifying sci-fi atmosphere. In The Callisto Protocol, the player will take on the role of a prisoner held in a prison located on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. From the looks of the trailer, the prison is overrun by monstrous aliens.


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As reported by Eurogamer, Glen Schofieldexcitement for The Callisto Protocol is palpable as he shared a piece of concept art, depicting a gruesome zombie-like creature, on Twitter today. He rents the “incredibly talented” art team for their work, and fans are joining in the praise by commenting on their excitement for more the Callisto Protocol. Concept art shows a humanoid-looking creature gazing up at the viewer, covered head to toe in what look like veins and large boils, spewing bile from what’s left of its face. The surrounding environment, which appears to be a metal installation and presumably part of the prison, is completely destroyed and covered in blood. Additionally, Glen reveals “It’s almost time to show you the real thing. I can’t wait,” hinting that real gameplay footage may be coming soon.

Fans can only speculate what exactly it is Callisto Protocol horror is and what it is capable of. However, from the appearance of the background, we can assume that it is quite destructive. With the monster’s human appearance, one theory is that it is not an alien but one of the other prisoners after being corrupted by something more sinister. Speculation can only continue until The Callisto Protocol release, or at least until Schofield’s hint comes to fruition.

It’s uplifting to see a beloved developer working on passion projects that he genuinely enjoys doing, and Glen Schofield seems to be doing just that with The Callisto Protocol. With both a remake of dead space and its spiritual successor on its way, fans of the sci-fi horror genre have a lot to look forward to in the next year or two. The Callisto Protocol should be released in 2022.

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Source: Eurogamer, Glen A. Schofield/Twitter

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