Canceled Deathlok Movie Concept Art Surfaces Online


Artwork of a cinematic rendition of Deathlok the Demolisher that never materialized has surfaced, and the design features a weird Mad Max vibe.

An unused concept for a live-action version of Deathlok has surfaced online, giving the deadly cyborg a Mad Max vibe.

The artwork was shared on the Instagram account of artist Constantine Sekeris, who has created concepts for a variety of superhero films, including Black Panther, Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok. Identified as “Deathlock”, Sekeris’ take on the character features the cybernetic half-skull and shoulder commonly seen in the comics, but with a darker vibe that amplifies Deathlok’s post-apocalyptic roots. The artwork also replaces Deathlok’s trademark armor with a bare chest and trench coat that resembles a Wild West sniper.

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“Here are some really old patterns from my design hands-on days for Steve Johnson’s EdgeFX in 2002 on a character that was mentioned but never continued beyond that,” Sekeris wrote. “It’s amazing to see where we all start and how we all mature as we progress and continue… We never got any major ratings on that other than the mention of the character, so I got a little caught up in a madmax-ian aesthetic design.”

Who is Deathlock?

There have been several Deathloks over the years, but the first version of the character debuted in 1974. amazing tales #25 in the story “A Cold Knight’s Frenzy”, by Rich Buckler and Doug Moench. This Deathlok was Luther Manning of Earth-7484, a soldier who was mortally wounded and reanimated with cybernetic parts. Deathlok eventually traveled to Marvel’s Earth-616 and became an agent of SHIELD. His adventures around the world continued when he was recruited by Earth-X’s Watcher to join the Heralds, a group of heroes from different dimensions dedicated to fighting against the Celestials.

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It’s unclear if Sekeris’ Deathlok is the Manning version, but he was likely intended for a Deathlok movie that entered the planning stages in the 90s but never quite took off. Paramount Pictures bought the film rights in 2001, and director Lee Tamahori (Die Another Day, XXX: State of the Union) was to lead the project. In 2004, Paul McGuigan (Slevin lucky number, Victor Frankenstein) had replaced Tamahori, but the project was discontinued that year.

Although he hasn’t received a movie yet, Deathlok has appeared in the MCU via Agents of SHIELD, where he was performed by J. August Richards. The Agents of SHIELD version was an original creation named Mike Peterson, a man who received superhuman abilities after taking the drug Extremis.

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