Chicago, 2022, the very first Golden Girls convention


An event that is sure to blow Golden Girls fans across the country for joy has been announced, as reported It’s the very first Golden Girls fan convention!

Scheduled for April 2022, Golden-Con, as it’s known, will be held at Center on Halsted, an LGBTQ + community facility in Chicago. The choice of venue should come as no surprise to any true fan of the show. For a sitcom shot in the ’80s, Golden Girls was surprisingly progressive with episodes tackling the AIDS crisis, gay rights, racism, and more.

As for the event, the con will take place over two days and will include things like:

  • Live parody shows
  • Anecdotes
  • Costume parade
  • Merchant market

And more (like a lot of cheesecake, I guess.)

Apparently, the event’s organizers are also promising “guest appearances” from people connected to the show. As glorious as it is to meet her in person, I wouldn’t count on Betty White being here considering she will be celebrating her 100th birthday in January 2022. But, again, it’s Betty White and she’s often full. surprises. So let’s keep our fingers crossed …?

Ticket information (like where to buy and the cost) has not been released as of this date (12/2/21), but if you want to attend I would pay close attention to this announcement. I have a feeling these tickets will go quickly.

Even with the show ending in the early ’90s, the four sassy ladies turned out to be favorites with people of all ages. I mean, how not to fall in love with Rose’s ridiculous stories, Blanche’s exaggerated romantic escapades, Sophia’s quick wit, or Dorothy’s quick returns. Speaking of…

A literal icon.

You can find more information about the Golden-Con here.

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