DC’s Early Concepts Make Drake a Cyborg


Wonder Woman concept artist Jared Krichevsky reveals DC’s first concept designs of Drake as Justice League hero Victor Stone, aka Cyborg.

New concept art for discontinued DC TV show features rapper Drake as Victor Stone aka Cyborg. Over the past few decades, Warner Bros. brought several DC heroes and villains to life on screen. The studio officially launched its own cinematic universe in 2013, known as the DCEU. While Warner Bros. was looking to bring the Justice League to the big screen, that meant establishing several iconic members. One of them is Victor Stone, better known as Cyborg, who has had a handful of live performances.

As Zack Snyder was assembling his Justice League, the filmmaker ended up casting Ray Fisher as the first cinematic Cyborg. Fisher made his first appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as a setup for his larger role in Justice League. The plan was also to have Fisher in his Cyborg film, as part of the original slate presented by Warner Bros. in October 2014. Although the feature never happened, Warner Bros. may have considered a different project for the cybernetic hero, but not with Fisher’s iteration.


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Jared Krichevsky, who is a character and creature designer, as well as a concept artist, recently shared an unused design for Cyborg on Instagram. Krichevsky, who worked on Patty Jenkins wonder woman as a concept artist, had at one point been asked to conceptualize a version of Cyborg who looked like an award-winning rapper and producer, and the former Degrassi star, Aubrey Drake Graham aka Drake. Although he didn’t (and most likely couldn’t) reveal the name of the project, Krichevsky did confirm that the concept art was for a DC TV show that ultimately didn’t move forward. Check out the design below:

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Due to the attention Krichevsky’s post received, he clarified that the design note he received was only to do DC’s Cyborg”resemble” Drake, since the studio was considering casting the actor/rapper for the canceled DC TV in development. That Warner Bros. whether or not Drake approached, or even had conversations with him for the role, is unclear. Krichevsky also noted this in his post, clarifying “I don’t know at what level they considered him.” Since Krichevsky never specified when this art was created, it’s hard to determine if this was the early days of the DCEU or something the studio was considering only a few years ago.

Until Krichevsky comments further, or Drake himself is asked about it, it will likely never be confirmed which mysterious Cyborg project Warner Bros. was developing. Even though Drake’s Cyborg casting never happened, Victor has become a top DC TV star as Joivan Wade portrayed him on HBO Max. Doom Patrol for more than three seasons. That said, if Drake had been asked to play Cyborg in the untitled DC TV series, it would have been intriguing to see what the former Degrassi the star-turned-rapper is said to be done with the iconic hero.

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Source: Jared Krichevsky

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