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Source: Diadora

Bauhaus Art – Explore the exciting art and style of the Bauhaus movement (artincontext.org)

One of my longtime passion projects was to open an art gallery steeped in sneaker, sports, and hip-hop culture. The blank slate would be cleared each month to feature one or more other brands as artwork with QR codes and descriptions alongside the displayed art. It’s an extremely risky proposition in a sneaker culture fueled by Nike and Jordan Brand. Attempting to focus on just one brand for an extended pop-up when the majority of those wearing sneakers as art could lead to premature closure…or would it? Diadora has answered this question with its latest release. Three sneakers are treated with color blocking and signature techniques from the Bauhaus movement.

The Mi Basket Dessau arrives in two colors and with the N9000 Dessau completing the drop. While Diadora initially does a great job online with visual merchandising, after clicking the display it falls flat. At this point, the company should have sought out art directors and guides who could provide texture and clarity as to why the colors and brushstrokes on the sneaker are representative of Bauhaus. The layout should have resulted in a physical space for Diadora, but instead the upload gets a few photos on IG, but it fails to convey a meaningful message about the cultural aspect and the importance of the Bauhaus. The collection gives me insight into how and why the concept of a sneaker art gallery is a viable one. Consider this layout of the space: pristine white walls, sneakers on platform displays, Bauhaus-style artwork from local artists, QR codes for the website with information on the know-how of sneakers and designers…

Heritage Shoes - Made in Italy - Unisex MI BASKET DESSAU WHITE/COBALT BLUE - Diadora

This would require brand commitment, but imagine learning about each item in detail from those who made it. Imagine having the option of buying squirts to show off with this pair of sneakers to come full circle from the conversation piece look. Every Friday during Diadora’s Bauhaus there were listening parties or pre-date lounging opportunities. I had a dream to launch this concept and Diadora offers the possibility to see if it works, but ultimately working with brands on such a fast and limited monthly drop format would be extremely difficult. I see the opportunity and it gives me hope. Learn more about the Bauhaus movement on the link above and visit Diadora to discover the latest collection: Diadora Heritage – Diadora Online Shop

Heritage Shoes - Made in Italy - Unisex MI BASKET DESSAU WHITE/RED - Diadora


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