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recovering from pandemic losses

The Eagan hotel community is poised to welcome its customers again for commerce and entertainment in a phased manner as it recovers from the losses suffered during the pandemic.

The Eagan Convention and Visitors Bureau presented its 2022 budget which summarizes peak promotional efforts that include community events such as Eagan’s July 4th Funfest, Eagan Art Festival, Market Fest, and Caponi Art Park. The city’s magnetic pedestrian traffic sites – Cascade Bay Waterpark and Eagan Civic Arena – will have joint marketing efforts for 2022.

The ECVB’s planned budget for 2021 was $ 990,840. The estimated budget of the ECVB for 2022 is expected to be over $ 993,000. Most of the budget’s revenue is generated from the lodging tax, which stood at $ 880,828 in 2021 and $ 975,000 projected in 2022.

The mission of the Eagan Convention and Visitors Bureau is to promote Eagan as a major tourism, meeting and conference destination through creative marketing and sales efforts.

Executives report that the organization is working to generate greater economic impact for Eagan and claim that this also improves the quality of life for all residents.

Eagan City Council has ratified ECVB’s 2022 budget and marketing priorities. The ECVB 2022 budget process started early last summer. The plan has been reviewed by the ECVB executive committee.

The budget was also reviewed by the Director of Community Development, Jill Hutmacher, who sits on the ECVB Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

A modest budget increase was approved by the Eagan CVB board at its September meeting. Eagan’s reception plan in 2022 foresees slight increases in tourism.

Even though the CVB board operates independently of the city, the operating agreement with the town of Eagan requires the ECVB to submit an operating work plan and budget for the board to review and give its opinion on. approval. Eagan Mayor Mike Maguire and Hutmacher were present for the council action.

The Board of Directors summed up the resumption of business in Eagan by stating, “Tenacity is alive and well in Eagan, and as the COVID-10 pandemic sadly progresses, the commitment to survival displayed by professionals in Eagan. the hospitality industry representing our hotels, restaurants, Eagan attractions, and retail outlets has been nothing short of amazing.

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