Episode 1 of Boba Fett’s book gets mind-blowing concept art


Star Wars fans take a closer look at some of the mind-boggling art concepts of the first episode of Disney Plus’s The Book of Boba Fett series.

Star Wars The Book of Boba Fett Concept Art

Boba Fett’s book takes place during / after season 2 of The Mandalorian and also returns in the past in order to fill the temporal gap of the absence of the character of the Star wars scenario. Now Disney and Lucasfilm have released concept art for the first chapter of the spinoff series.

Boba Fett was reportedly killed during the events of Star Wars Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, but he was thankfully brought back to life in order to redeem the character and please fans. In the comic book spinoff, the character was shown to outlast his destiny, but the comics don’t often line up with the cinematic side of things, and much of the Star wars literature was no longer considered canon after Disney bought Lucasfilm. However, it seems Boba Fett’s book will be loosely linked to the missing parts of the character’s story, while also taking its own creative liberty when it comes to describing what the famous bounty hunter was doing.


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Boba Fett’s book debuted on Disney Plus, and similarly to The Mandalorian, the show presents artistic concepts during the credits of the show. The concept art, as in The Mandalorian, reflect the moments of the show and display the characters in high definition rendered images. The images can be viewed, saved and captured above for those who want to use it as a digital wallpaper, print it for a poster, or even photoshop the images while adding them to a collection. The images are always beautiful and these selected drawings were illustrated by Christian Alzmann and Brian Matyas.

After the generally positive reactions to Boba Fett’s book Episode 1, many are excited to see Episode 2 when Disney Plus launches. The show’s first season will feature a total of eight episodes on the streaming platform. After Boba Fett’s book, the fans anticipate Star wars derivative emissions Andor, Obi wan kenobi, The bad lot season 2, and ThemAndalusian season 3.

Hopefully Boba Fett’s solo debut is enough to justify a second season. Right now, it looks like every show or spin-off is anchored in the timeline of the fourth, fifth, and sixth major lines. Star wars movie theater. No one so far has been brave enough to embark on the recent trilogy, and that is likely due to fan reluctance. Hopefully Disney is able to find something to move forward when the new shows come out this year.

Boba Fett’s book is streaming on Disney Plus.

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