First Wish Art Gallery, in collaboration with Art Oriental Ltd, UK, organized the FWAG Georgia Group Art Exhibition


FWAG Georgia Collective Art ExhibitionJuly 30 – August 1, 2022 Organized by First Wish Art Gallery in collaboration with Oriental Art LtdUK to Silk Factory Studio in Tbilisi, Georgia.

67 Artists – 9 Nationalities – 100 Works

And the benevolent presence of our main guests Ms. Audrey Keenan from the UK and Ahmed Al Awadhi (popularly known as Mr. Rukni) from the United Arab Emirates made the event even more memorable.

Our two main guests came from their country just to attend this exhibition on special request.

Our mentor and gallery advisor Ms Audrey Keenan is an international artist and winner of more than 15 prestigious international awards, including the Leonardo Da Vinci Prize.

Mr. Ahmed Al Awadhi is also an Emirati artist and businessman known as Art Rukni said: “When I was young, art didn’t have the importance it has today,” he added. “Young people now have all the encouragement and support they need to be creative and artistic.”

The opening was made by the main guests with the owners of the gallery, Mrs. Mariami Simashvili and Mr. Irshad Husain. Gallery team members Tsira Julakidze, Tamar AladashviliJasmine M. Rizvi, Mihaela Ionescu and Abrar Syed.

All the artists were delighted and the guests present at the opening of the exhibition were overwhelmed by the representation of the works of art.

About the gallery

The trip:

First Wish Art Gallery LLC is based in Georgia and operates from the United Arab Emirates. Founded in November 2020 by Mr. Irshad Husain.

He has been working since 2010 and to date he has immense experience in various business areas; however, he has always been fascinated by Art Work, being an ambitious and eager to have worldwide recognition, his goal to reach an even more international clientele in the next few years.

The co-owner/director of the gallery is Mrs. Mariami Simashvili. She is an artist by passion and a pediatrician by profession.

Besides being a pediatrician, she is a very talented visual artist, colors are everything to her. She can hear, smell or taste the presence of color in everything. As she believes that every sensation has its own color, oil painting and acrylic are her favorite signature styles.

FWAG will do 30 exhibitions in 30 countries from January 2023.

Mission World Tour Exhibition – Any artist from anywhere can join us and explore in a different way. The perfect mix of Art + Travel and unforgettable memories!!

We truly believe that art has no limits or boundaries; we are on a mission to build a connected community between independent artists from all corners of the globe.

Done successfully

Date – July 30 – August 1, 2022

Venue – silk factory studioTbilisi, Georgia

Best regards,

First Wish Art Gallery LLC

Georgia +995 598 94 34 00

UAE +971 52 778 6166

: [email protected]



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