Flash movie concept art reveals 2 costumes, shows Barry’s powers


Newly released concept art from BossLogic features two versions of The Flash’s costume, along with its iconic powers.

BossLogic has released new concept art showing different variations of Flash’s suit and its Speed ​​Force abilities. Ezra Miller will reprise her role from The Flash when Flash debuts in theaters next November. The film is directed by This filmmaker Andy Muschietti and is the character’s first solo outing on the big screen.

The Flash has one of the most daring costumes in all of DC canon. A bright red outfit that helps her to travel at high speed, the suit has evolved dramatically over the years as the character has progressed. Even the version of Barry played by Grant Gustin on The CW’s Flash has undergone numerous costume changes to reflect Barry’s ever-evolving technical needs and prowess. The DCEU arguably gave the character one of their most drastic costume changes when Ezra Miller stepped into the role, making Barry look much bulkier, almost like a fighter jet or a space shuttle. . However, with his solo film set to debut next year, audiences will see new iterations of the suit that reflect Barry’s continued evolution in the DC Extended Universe and his journey through the multiverse.

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With Ezra Miller set to reprise the role of Barry Allen when Flash premieres next year, all eyes are on the evolution of her costume in the DCEU. On that note, Logic shared a number of concept art on Twitter showing different variations of the suit, as well as Barry’s powers. Check out the images below.

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It’s no secret that Barry Allen wears a lot of costumes, and looking at these pictures it’s obvious that the BossLogic team have worked hard to differentiate the old and the new. The first suit appears to be a slight evolution of the Flash suit first seen in its entirety during the events of Justice League, which is very mechanical and armored in appearance. However, the other combination is closer to where the combination will go. Flash, which has an almost organic biomechanical appearance. Additionally, the art shows different visualizations of Barry’s abilities, including different colors of the lightning he emits, as well as a version of the lightning that looks more like fire.

Of course, only time will tell what the finalized version of Barry’s costume and powers looks like in Flash. The trailer that debuted in October teased a film featuring multiple versions of Barry Allen, meaning multiple versions of his costume will likely appear on screen. This means not only more toys to sell for DC, but also some cool new concepts for the DCEU to play with when it comes to Barry and his iconic outfit. Flash hits theaters on November 4, 2022.

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