GAC sets up the first European R&D center and unveils a new concept car


The GAC group has established its research and development center in Milan, and it is the carmaker’s first research center in Europe. According to GAC, the new R&D center in Via Tortona, Milan’s design district, will consolidate the company’s design tradition and engender talent, innovation and innovative projects. After the initial design phase, the GAC Milan Center should explore innovative technological research.

From left to right: Pontus Fontaneus, director GAC Advanced Design Los Angeles, Fan Zhang, vice-president R&D Center, and Stéphane Janin, director GAC Advanced Design Milan

Former Renault, Alpine and Nissan designer, Stéphane Janin will lead the R&D center. Janin also has experience at Dacia, Samsung and Infiniti and is a graduate of the UK Royal College of Art. “Car designers need inspiration, and Milan is the perfect place to capture the inspiration of the times. We want to be part of the creative community in Milan, and it will also be a new generation of car design studios . » says Janine.

GAC’s new R&D center is the latest after the headquarters in Guangzhou and other locations such as Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and Shanghai. Currently, GAC is present in 28 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

According to the automaker, the new studio will house 25 experts, including modellers, designers and planners from other GAC centers in the United States and China. These professionals will be responsible for visual branding and experience design.

Interestingly, GAC has chosen to set up shop in a studio once occupied by the famous Milanese photographer, poet and writer Giovanni Gastel, who recently passed away.

Attending the event were Fan Zhang, Vice President of the R&D Center, Stéphane Janin, Director of GAC Advanced Design Milan, and Pontus Fontaeus, Director of GAC Advanced Design Los Angeles.

“Design is one of the most important values ​​for us and a key factor in customer decisions. We chose the city of Milan because of its strong cultural and creative identity that combines moving ideas, innovation and style and design heritage. We are convinced that this center will allow the meeting of creative resources and the development of cutting-edge ideas between our country, Italy, and the rest of the world,” said Fan Zhang.

Another highlight of the grand opening was the unveiling of GAC’s concept car, Barchetta. The new concept is a convertible with an open-wheel design and an aerodynamic feel.

Although there is very little information about the car, we will continue to monitor events to bring you the latest updates.

Generally, GAC Group has pursued the ideology of research and development, building up a team of more than 5,000 professionals from all over the world. The company’s R&D team has achieved breakthroughs, such as “Vector Kinetic Energy”, the lowest wind resistance design ever developed. Other highlights include vehicles such as the Trumpchi GS4, M8, GS8, Shadow Leopard, Hyper SSR, AION S and AION Y.

Sources: Yiche, Stock10JKQA


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