Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s Early Concept Designs Give Muncher a Skeleton Made of Scrap Metal


Over the past year, we’ve showcased a wide array of concept designs for Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s metal-munching newcomer, Muncher!

While the character was very much a collaborative effort, with artist Brynn Metheney in the lead, the director and co-writer being pretty clear about what he wanted, saying Muncher had to “feeling like a lazy, lethargic, grumpy little gremlin,” releasing “an old grandmother atmosphereultimately wanting him to draw inspiration from the six-legged, microscopic oddities known as tardigrades.

Before there was a clear outline for the character, many concepts were presented, with artist Paolo Giandoso recently sharing a handful of his own unique and imaginative ideas, each appearing very different.

Given Muncher’s surroundings, Giandoso toyed with giving the character a semi-translucent body composed of smoke, providing solid reasoning, saying it was the result of haunting the local factory in Summerville for so long. of years.

One of the most unique, and honestly, in my opinion, downright cool ideas, kept the “smoky” but added that when Muncher eats found metal, he forms what appears to be a skeleton, seen through his ghostly translucent body.

As mentioned, the final design took inspiration from Tardigrades, but Giandoso’s concepts reveal potential additional inspiration from other real-world animals, including a blowfish and my favorite, a Rottweiler.

For other Muncher concept designs, visit Giandoso’s Art Station profile.


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