Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster, Lincoln Model L100 Concept and Acura Precision Concept: Your morning summary


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Geneva Motor Show canceled for fourth consecutive year to be held in Qatar next year

The Geneva International Motor Show has again been frozen as the 2023 show, which was due to be held in February, will not take place. While Covid had sabotaged the past three shows, it appears this year’s “global economic and geopolitical uncertainties” have killed the event. Instead, a sister event in Doha, Qatar will be held in November 2023 and oddly enough will be named “Geneva Motor Show”.

Hennessey chops the roof off the Venom F5 to create a $3 million roadster

The Hennessey Venom F5 has germinated a roadster variant. The removable roof is made from carbon fibre, just like the rest of the car, and is held in place by bolts and quick-release latches designed to withstand the huge speeds the F5 can reach. While the technical specs of the Roadster are the same as the coupe (with a 1,817 hp (1,842 hp) 6.6-liter twin-turbo V8), the 100 lb (45 kg) weight penalty will likely make a slight breach in time and above. the rapidity.

Lincoln Model L100 Concept is a futuristic take on a self-driving electric coupe that opens like a beetle

The Lincoln Model L100 Concept is an all-electric, completely self-driving glimpse into the brand’s future. Unveiled as part of Monterey Car Week, the L100 model is inspired by the 1922 Lincoln Model L. The futuristic showcar’s doors unfold like a beetle, and interior and exterior lighting is used to greet occupants with a ” orchestrated symphony of lights”.

Dodge Says 14,000 Hornet Pre-Orders Placed in First 24 Hours

In the 24 hours since the unveiling of the new Alfa Romeo-based 2023 Dodge Hornet, the company says it has already received more than 14,000 pre-orders. What makes this figure even more impressive is that only the entry-level “GT” version is currently available for reservation, not the more powerful R/T model which will be launched later in 2023. Without a doubt , the attractive starting price of $29,995 (before destination) contributes to the initial popularity of the small SUV.

Acura Precision concept points to future electric vehicle design inspired by Italian powerboats

Acura has chosen to look to Italian speedboats for its latest concept, which is described as a “north star” in design terms for its electrified future. The Precision concept also gives us an idea of ​​what the brand’s first all-electric SUV will look like when it arrives in 2024. “Particle Glitch”, and 23-inch wheels. Inside, passengers are treated to a collection of premium and sustainable materials including biomass leather, aluminum and other recycled materials.

NHTSA doesn’t want people testing Tesla’s fully self-driving on real human children

In news you hoped was more common sense than an actual warning from NHTSA, the agency felt the need to remind people not to use children when testing Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta software. . This is in response to several YouTube videos surfacing that include real people (and yes, children too) being used to test the FSD. One such video, uploaded by the Whole Mars Catalog channel, was a direct response to a political attack ad targeting Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software paid for by rival software maker Dan O’Dowd.

What else is making the news

EA mistakenly reduced Fifa 23 by 99%

Game developer Electronic Arts will honor pre-ordered copies of Fifa 2023 that were mistakenly sold at a 99% discount. Fifa 23, the latest game that EA Sports will make in the football series, has been offered on the Indian store Epic Games at 4.80 rupees ($0.06), instead of the 4,800 rupees ($60) that he should have been. While the error occurred last month, EA has now confirmed that all sales will be honoured.

Stars Coffee replaces Starbucks in Russia

After its invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, several international chains decided to withdraw from Russia, including the American coffee shop Starbucks. Starbucks had more than 130 stores employing around 2,000 people across Russia. Now, outlets will gradually reopen under the “Stars Coffee” brand, with a logo similar to Starbucks, but with the woman in the logo wearing a traditional Russian headgear.


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