Holiday Comic Con Cosplay is coming to Tampa


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We’re fully into the holiday season, and there’s one major event you need to have on your advent calendar: Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay. This winter-themed comic con takes place December 10-11, 2022 at the Tampa Convention Center along the Tampa Riverwalk. The family-friendly event features anime, comics, sci-fi, and games, as well as world-class cosplay.

“Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay is a way for nerds to celebrate the winter holidays in a geeky way,” said organizer Dewey Caruthers, who is also behind St. Pete Comic Con, Anime St. Pete, and Sunshine City. Scare. “We expect many attendees to add some winter holiday flair to their cosplays at Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay.”

Renowned and Nationally Renowned Guests

The new convention features 20 guests, including 4 acclaimed voice actors and 5 nationally recognized comic creators, as well as a roster of top professional cosplayers in the country. It is a real feast for the eyes as customers are immersed in an imaginary world.

Guest voice actors portray beloved characters from shows like Sonic the Hedgehog, Genshin Impact, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Re:Zero and Attack on Titan as well as cartoons like Danny Phantom and Spider-Man in Marvel Avengers.

Guest comic creators illustrated Marvel titles such as Spider-Man, Venom, Black Panther, The Avengers, and X-Men, as well as DC titles such as Batman, Superman, and Justice League of America. Additionally, there will be comic creators who have illustrated other titles like Star Wars, Doom Patrol, The Boys, and Mass Effect.

The list of award-winning professional cosplayers includes nationally recognized specialists in prop and costume construction, armor crafting and painting, makeup and body painting, tailoring and dressmaking as well as elements unique like wings and lights. And these guests will offer master class panels on all topics.

Panels, contests, an idol group and a Spider Verse prom

The con features a wide range of activities that includes over 50 hours of panel discussions as well as 5 contests with $2,000 in cash prizes – two cosplay contests (Craftsmanship on Saturday and Runway on Sunday), a lip-sync contest , a fan art contest, and a Tiktok film festival.

Also, the Winter Wonder Fest Idol Festival is presented by RESO, a group based in Florida. “Fans can watch dynamic performances up close and meet the real idols,” Caruthers said.

And if your Spidey sense stings, it’s the all-weekend Spider Verse Prom featuring music, games, and prizes, hosted by FL’s Spider Verse. Fans are encouraged to witness their favorite Spiderverse characters.

The universe’s best holiday shopping for geeks and nerds

Holiday shopping makes the event even more spectacular. Geeks and nerds no longer need to shop for mediocre holiday gifts at a local mall as Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay will host nearly 200 vendors with merchandise to suit their interests. “We create the best vacation buys in the universe for geeks and nerds alike,” Caruthers said.

There will be several nerdy spaces for fans and cosplayers to take some unique holiday photos. The event will feature a huge Christmas tree scene, as well as a nerdy Santa Claus who will be accompanied by a geeked version of the elves, for some holiday snaps.

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