Ibis Styles creates a virtual art gallery in the metaverse


Ibis Styles has developed a new global campaign that will see the creation of NFT artworks that will be exhibited in the metaverse. Jenny Southan Reporting

A member of the Accor hotel group, the economy sub-brand Ibis Styles has launched its “#OpenToCreators” campaign which is produced in partnership with world-renowned digital creators @tikkywow and @naranjalidad.

All NFTs created by artists will then be shared in an Ibis Styles virtual art gallery in the metaverse, accessible via spatial.io.

The virtual gallery follows recent physical events at the new Ibis Bangkok Silom and Ibis Styles Sevilla hotels, where original works and NFTs have been created.At Ibis Styles Bangkok Silom, @tikkywow creates an original work which is now on display alongside two commissioned works.

At the same event, an NFT of art by @tikkywow was created for the ibis Styles NFT portfolio and will appear in the new ibis Styles virtual gallery in the metaverse.

In addition to @tikkywow, other artists featured at the Bangkok event included @jeffaphisit and @tanstar.artist. Their digital works will also appear in the Ibis Styles metaverse gallery.

Followers of @ibisstyles on Instagram can now enter for a chance to win an NFT created by artist Naranjalidad, which will be uploaded via Opensea. The winner will also receive Gold membership in Accor’s ALL loyalty program.A digital work by @jeffaphisit that appears in the ibis Styles metaverse gallery available on Opensea.  (CNW Group/ibis Styles)Laure Duberga, Vice President of Economy Brands for Accor, said: “Ibis Styles loves to welcome unapologetic designers, avant-garde style artists who bring the freshest content to life and push the boundaries of creativity.

“This year, our annual #OpentoCreators campaign has a unique theme, with a focus on digital artists and NFT creators. We show our support for these artistic innovators by providing multiple platforms to express their creativity – in our hotels, through our social networks and, ultimately, across the metaverse.

Described by Accor as a “cool design hotel,” the Ibis Styles Bangkok Silom has a restaurant called PrudRod that serves authentic Thai cuisine, a Boho rooftop bar, and rooms with voice-activated Google Home devices.

Caroline Bénard, Senior Vice President of Economy and Midscale Brands at Accor, said: “The goal of our Open to Creators campaign is to democratize today’s most advanced forms of creation – digital art and NFTs – involving our audiences in the creative process.

“Through our social media, we hope to ignite the imagination of ibis Styles customers, fans and followers, and invite them to collaborate with these ultra-talented digital artists.

“At Ibis Styles, we believe creativity should be shared and enjoyed as widely as possible, and we’re here to support creators, while enabling more people to join the global conversation and participate in the artistic community. That’s why we’re turning our brand into a creative place: in our hotels, on our social media platforms, and in the metaverse.


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