Ice Nine Kills is hosting its own horror convention


Horror/metal fanatic band Ice Nine Kills have announced that they will be hosting their own horror convention.

The inaugural event, titled The Silver Scream Con, will take place in Ice Nine Kills’ home state of Massachusetts from August 26-28.

Money cry con will host a host of genre icons, including Kane Hodder (who played Jason from Friday 13), Nick Castle (the actor behind John Carptenter’s original Michael Myers Halloween), Skeet Ulrich (Scream, The Craft, Riverdale), James Jude Courtney (who played Michael Myers from Halloween 2018, Halloween kills and Halloween ends), Danielle Harris (Halloween 4+5, Hatchet, Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1+2), Twiztid and Spencer Charnas.

In addition to these guest appearances, the weekend promises exclusive photo ops, celebrity signings, panel discussions, “scary-okes” and an intimate live performance from the band themselves.

Speaking of the convention, Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas said, “The Silver Scream Con will bring together horror fanatics and INK fans around the world to celebrate their love of on-screen slaughter. This is an opportunity for our loyal psychopaths to not only interact with the band, but also meet the incredible stars of the very movies our music pays homage to.

Tickets for Silver Screen Con are on sale now on the event website.


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