Is the Cylindrical Art Gallery the smallest art gallery in New York?



Photography: courtesy of G. Augsutine Lynas

It might sound like a neighborhood community news article, but that outdoor kiosk on the corner of Broadway and 83rd Street is actually an art gallery.

Built in 1970 by a member of the West 83rd Street Block Association, according to, “the space” was transformed into an outdoor gallery by local sand sculptor G. Augustine Lynas, whose studio overlooks the site, in December 2017. Lynas himself manages the exhibits, which rotate every three months.

Dubbed the Cylindrical Art Gallery, the booth currently showcases the work of Stephen Galiczynski, another Upper West Side artist. In total, passers-by are treated to 20 pencil sketches, four cityscapes and seven drip paintings by Galiczynski, the 14th artist to collaborate with Lynas on an on-site exhibition.

Asked about the inspiration behind his project, Lynas mentions his artistic sensibility. “I create art at every opportunity,” he says. “So it was natural for me to make the booth something artistic and give other local artists the opportunity to shine for three months.”

As for how he selects the creations to showcase on the booth, Lynas doesn’t seem to have a specific rulebook in place. “I like to display as much variety in styles and subjects as possible,” he explains. “I also try not to have too many similar styles in a row.”

Whatever works are showcased, Lynas wraps each exhibition in acrylic, considering the location of the gallery and the dangers posed by inclement weather.

But setting up is clearly more than an artistic hobby for the local. “The kiosk gave me a lot of fun as I meet and chat with neighbors and passers-by,” he says. “I also found new friends in the arts community and in the neighborhood in general.”



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