It’s worth it | “Need For Speed ​​Unbound” Explains Its Art Style And Shows First Gameplay


Unlimited Speed ​​Need features an all-new, unique visual style that blends elements of street art with the most realistic cars in franchise history. The innovative single-player campaign delivers thrills and consequences through an immersive narrative that engages players in the town of Lakeshore as they race, collect, upgrade and customize the world’s hottest performance cars on their way to the top of the stage.

Unlimited Speed ​​Need challenges the conventions of the racing genre and ups the ante by introducing real consequences with impactful risk and reward for every race, decision and bet made. Players are introduced to the world of Lakeshore when a family auto shop robbery tears two friends apart and launches a rookie racer on a journey to win the ultimate street race and recover the priceless car that was stolen from them.

Unlimited Speed ​​Need is designed for the next generation of technology and will deliver 4K resolution at 60 FPS for the first time in the series.

The race does not end when the game is launched! The world of Lakeshore never stops thanks to a series of free content updates that will be available after launch and will include new features, experiences, content removals and more. Additional post-launch content details will be revealed soon.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound features an all-new, unique visual style that blends elements of street art with the most realistic cars in franchise history. As players traverse the city, they’ll bring the graffiti to life as part of this new art style using an all-new toolkit of gameplay, high-energy visual and sound effects. Criterion Art Director Darren White recently shared a deeper look and insight into the game’s art style and how it’s integrated into gameplay.

Need of speed Unbound everything is like past Need of speed titles, and yet, nothing like them at all. The game is like a generation-defining classic muscle car that’s resurrected and reimagined with the style and bravado of tomorrow, and the same growling engine (or buzzing new battery) that burst into the dreams of your parents and grandparents. -parents.

Unlimited Speed ​​Need fulfills your need for speed, but in a way unique to you.

Let’s be clear, you can still spin around hyper-realistic cars in breathtaking locations. In Unlimited Speed ​​Need your self-exploration goes beyond the garage and expands your canvas, exposing you to all the vast elements that make your need for speed an adventure, a lifestyle, and an art form. With this new addition to Need of speed universe, your avenues and boulevards to self-expression are unrelated – from cars and clothes, to the streets and tire tracks your car leaves behind.

“We wanted to deliver an art style that matters to gameplay, one that clearly celebrates player actions, enhances player experience, and rewards players along the way,” says Darren White, Need for speed without limits art director at Criterion Games. “We wanted to take players to that next level in Unlimited Speed ​​Need with our driving VFX, which we call “Tags”.

Much like street artists who creatively subvert the cityscapes around them, you’ll be able to tag the world and leave everyone in your dust. Beacons come to life when you deploy your boost powers; which are earned through actions like drifting, jumps, and near misses, and appear as spectacular, customizable effects that paint the surrounding world, including illustrative lines that etch around the curves of your car. Thanks to Tags, you and your car become the artists, and the city is your canvas.

Need for speed without limits realistic world and cars really help anchor the visuals,” White describes of the game’s art style. “Drawing inspiration from street art and other media, we creatively subvert characters and visual effects, transforming into expressionistic illustrations of ‘you’ and ‘your actions.’ It is literally “graffiti coming to life”.

Street art has always been an important aspect of street culture, with an irreverence that has long inspired Need of speed. “It’s an incredibly creative form of self-expression, and like street racing, it represents an unruly freedom to express yourself against rules and restrictions,” adds White.

Unlimited Speed ​​Need features a diverse collection of street art styles from several artists around the world, including Sentrock and JC Riviera. These revered artists paint Unlimited Speed ​​Need with their signature style, artwork that not only adds to the backdrop of the game, but can also be collected and applied to your car as wraps.

In addition to Tags, you can continue to express your personal style through your cars, with more detail and grandeur. You’ll now have access to new packaging content and complete kit selections, plus exciting new ways of customization with part removal – where you can expose your car’s mechanical innards and intimidate the competition even before to slip onto the starting line.

And it doesn’t end with labels, envelopes and parts; the player’s wardrobe will also be upgraded! “Need for speed without limits the characters are unabashedly expressive with new fashion collaborations,” White reveals. “The character’s self-expression in Unlimited Speed ​​Need goes beyond the clothes you wear; With additional cosmetic changes and customizable poses, you can really show off in key moments, like race wins, by creating characters that are brimming with attitude.

It is the same for Unlimited Speed ​​Need. It’s full of attitude, creativity, adventure, style and camaraderie.

Main characteristics:

  • The world is every player’s canvas: Graffiti comes to life in a new art style as players traverse the city equipped with an all-new toolbox of high-energy visual and sound effects, like Burst Nitrous, which rewards players with a boost based on the style, reflecting the way they drive.
  • Run the streets: The more players run, the more heat they accumulate. Choose to outwit or outsmart the cops using new evasion mechanics to take control of the chase and earn big rewards or even bigger consequences if caught.
  • Self-expression and style: Hundreds of cosmetic items, including exclusive gear licensed from some of the world’s fashion trailblazers and custom car gear companies, give players endless options to not only outfit their car, but also show off their personal style in the game.
  • Find freedom in the flow: Ride to a genre-defying soundtrack from pioneering hip-hop artists led by multi-hyphenated artist, entrepreneur, actor, and fashion icon A$AP Rocky and his creative agency AWGE , including the world premiere of A$AP Rocky’s brand new track “Sh*ttin’ Me”, also featured in the reveal trailer.
  • Takeover scene with A$AP Rocky: A$AP Rocky will appear in-game as the leader of the Takeover Scene, a new replayable precision driving mode that brings the community together to take over parts of the city and celebrate driving with style over speed pure. AWGE also functioned as creative consultants on the game.

Unlimited Speed ​​Need is available for pre-order until November 29, 2022. Players who pre-order now will receive an exclusive Unbound content pack, including a driving effects pack, decals, license plate, banner artwork, stickers and $150,000 bank in their wallet when they first join multiplayer and more.

Unlimited Speed ​​Need Palace Edition, a deluxe offering created in partnership with Palace Skateboards, will give players exclusive content including four awesome custom cars, clothing pack, driving effect, decals and license plate, character pose and banner artwork for $79.99. More to be revealed at a later date.

EA Play members can also play Unlimited Speed ​​Need early with a 10-hour trial starting November 29 and enjoy exclusive recurring in-game benefits. Plus, EA Play Pro members on PC will get unlimited access to the Unlimited Speed ​​Need Palace Edition starting November 29, three days before the game’s official launch. For more information on EA Play and EA Play Pro, visit

Unlimited Speed ​​Need comes to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (EA app, Origin, Steam, and Epic Game Store) December 2, 2022 for $69.99.

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