Landscape visionaries Barbara Applegate and Dianne Dolan at the Pemaquid Art Gallery


“Breakers” by Dianne Dolan. (Photo courtesy of Pemaquid Art Gallery)

Barbara Applegate and Dianne Dolan are two members of the Pemaquid Art Gallery in Lighthouse Park, Bristol, who interpret landscapes in a grand, almost visionary style. Each depicts subjects in closely observed compositions, richly colored and precisely arranged, but in distinctly different styles from each other.

Applegate is a prolific painter of great ease who is known for her charming, romantic, almost Victorian landscapes and still lifes, with deep shadows and Old Master richness.

The play of light was essential in his work, with shimmering shadows and a richly illuminated atmosphere. Recently, however, she has radically changed her style, presenting acrylic landscapes of dramatic, more abstract, bird’s-eye views, using soft, angular and hard-edged forms in simple and striking color combinations of yellows, d oranges, blues and strong purples. Her viewers might well be wondering where this style will take her next. His website is:

“Evening Tide” by Barbara Applegate. (Photo courtesy of Pemaquid Art Gallery)

Dolan’s oil paintings are both grand and intimate, deeply thoughtful and serious, based on his desire “to inspire viewers to reconsider the world around them, so they can find the beauty that exists in an ordinary environment and everyday objects. She paints both en plein air and in the studio, with the small plein air prints inspiring her visionary studio creations, grand and uplifting landscapes and richly coloured, often austere buildings and arranged objects. She is also a book artist, working her painting skills in a three-dimensional form. His website is:

Both artists graduated from art schools and painted and taught art for much of their careers. Applegate was finally able to focus on painting full-time in 1998 and soon after opening her own studio began taking in students, while Dolan was a professional art educator and pursued her own art at the same time. time.

Applegate’s early artistic training and painting experience took place in Pennsylvania, first in the Bucks County area and eventually in the Brandywine Valley, influenced by the great painters of these art centers. She moved to Maine in 1996 and now maintains her studio/gallery in Bristol.

"Floating by," by Diane Dolan.  (Photo courtesy of Pemaquid Art Gallery)

“Floating By”, by Dianne Dolan. (Photo courtesy of Pemaquid Art Gallery)

Dolan trained at the Maryland Art Institute and the Hartford Art School and received her Masters in Art Education from Central Connecticut State University. She divides her time between Massachusetts and Round Pond. Both artists have exhibited widely locally and nationally and received numerous awards.

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The gallery is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. until Monday, October 10. Visit the online gallery at


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