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State-of-the-art training center aims to unlock the potential of any athlete

Knoxville, Tenn., June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Athletic Republic, the premier destination for individualized, sport-specific training backed by science, is set to open its brand new location in Knoxville with a VIP event on June 24. Located in Walker Springs Plaza at 8425 Kingston Pike, the innovative training center focuses on metabolic, neurological and muscular systems so athletes can maximize their abilities and better understand their bodies.

In order to introduce itself to the community, Athletic Republic Knoxville will host a VIP and media reception on friday june 24with an inauguration ceremony at 5:30 p.m.. The new training center will also host a public house dedication event on Saturday June 25providing residents and guests with free workouts, facility tours, athlete presentation and giveaways.

Athletic Republic Knoxville is owned by a local entrepreneur Adam Scott. Athletic Republic was a perfect fit for Adam’s desired business structure and personal interests. After graduating from University of Tennessee, Adam worked successfully for a local sports agency where he was responsible for recruiting, onboarding and supporting athletes as they adapted to the world of professional sports. Adam also brings to the table considerable franchise experience, as he owned and operated a franchise that worked on behalf of small and medium sized businesses making shipping more convenient and affordable. Additionally, Adam currently owns a women’s clothing resale franchise with two stores in Louisville, Kentuckyand a third in Knoxville. Adam is very involved in the Knoxville sports community, head coach of his nine-year-old daughter’s softball team, and enjoys playing ice hockey and golf in his spare time. Adam’s business acumen and passion for athletics make him the ideal candidate to bring Athletic Republic to Knoxville.

“My primary goal with Athletic Republic is to help athletes reach the potential they are capable of,” Adam said. “No matter their goal or age, Athletic Republic has the tools and resources to help them realize their full potential. Helping others achieve what they seek to accomplish athletically is the ultimate reward for us here at Athletic Republic.”

Athletic Republic offers state-of-the-art sports training that unlocks the potential of any athlete, helping them perform at their best. The brand’s use of scientific protocols and specialized equipment has helped nearly two million athletes of all ages achieve their goals, improving their speed, power, agility, strength and stability. Athletic Republic performs functionality testing through its Plyo Press Power Quotient (3PQ), video running analysis on its acclaimed AR high-speed treadmill, and full-body assessments to identify each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses in order to determine where the focus of their training should be. on. Using its revolutionary Athlete Information Management System, or AIMS, Athletic Republic can monitor and quantify improvements made by athletes and show how they compare to the average produced by athletes across the network.

“Adam and his family are the quintessential example of what we look for in our partners at Athletic Republic,” the CEO said. Charlie Graves. “Adam not only has an impressive track record in various aspects of the sports business, but also a passion for athletics. He and his team look forward to providing unparalleled customer service to their Knoxville community. We are extremely grateful to enter this new market with such an impressive franchise partner.”

Founded by the late John Frappier in 1990, the innovative concept of sports training came from the practices used by Soviet Union to widen the threshold of athletic performance. After being introduced to a multitude of physiological and training principles used by the Soviets in 1986 for the United States National Team at the Goodwill Games, John was inspired to bring these innovative methods to America. The Athletic Republic founder has assembled a team of sports medicine professionals and athletic trainers to implement these practices in United States.

Athletic Republic Knoxville is open Monday through Saturday and available for private training and team training. For more information about Athletic Republic Knoxville, please visit www.knoxville.athleticrepublic.com or call 865-855-FAST.

About Athletic Republic

Athletic Republic is the nation’s premier destination for individualized, sport-specific training. With technologically advanced equipment, Athletic Republic tracks and showcases the improvements an athlete experiences throughout their training regimen. The brand is the leading franchisor of sports performance, with more than 80 training centers and nearly two million athletes trained under the program. It’s the ultimate option for individualized, sport-specific training for athletes of all ages and abilities looking to improve their speed, power, stability, agility and endurance. For more information, visit www.athleticrepublic.com.

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