Love and Thunder Villain could have been


Some fans were disappointed with Gorr’s design in Thor: Love and Thunder, but it looks like he could have been very different.

When Gorr the Butcher God’s design was revealed for Thor: Love and Thunder, many fans were disappointed with the character’s stripped down appearance compared to his more monstrous comic book counterpart. However, despite this, Christian Bale’s performance in the film has consistently been cited as one of the best things about the film. It looks like there was a time when a more creature-like design for Gorr was considered, which can now be seen thanks to the first concept images shared by artist Ken Barthelmey.

While it would have been easy to cover Bale in prosthetics or CGI to create a more hideous version of the God Butcher, having an actor of this caliber hidden behind smoke and mirrors was something that didn’t factor into the plans of Marvel. However, as footage shared by Barthelmey shows, Gorr’s early concept was even more of a monster than even his comic appearances.


Barthelmey was also one of the artists who was tasked with developing a concept for Satan, who at one point was going to be played by Russell Crowe before being cast as Zeus. The artist also shared his design for this character and explained that he was commissioned to ‘design a Satan close to Tim Curry’s Devil’‘Legend” (1985); big horns, sordid and devilish. Because it was going to be prosthetic makeup, I was asked to give her hairy human legs and feet. That’s what I found.

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Thor: Love and Thunder Received many mixed reviews

It is somewhat ironic that initial doubts about Gorr turned out to be the least of Thor: Love and Thunderworries. While the film had Marvel’s usual box office impact, critics and audiences alike were divided on whether or not the film was a hit in regards to its story and execution.

Although there are plenty of fans of Taika Waititi’s sequel to Thor: Ragnorok, arguably one of the best films in the MCU saga, many found the film rambling and too focused on jokes and laughs rather than a cohesive story. With a terrifying villain like Gorr in the mix, the over-the-top comedy moments, screaming goats and the like, seemed too contrasting for many and helped steer Thor: Love and Thunder to be one of the lowest-rated Marvel offerings of the past decade.

Thor: Love and Thunder managed to retain the top spot at the box office for a second week last weekend, largely due to a lack of strong competition rather than a stellar second weekend performance. In fact, the film suffered a whopping 68% drop from its opening weekend, a trend seen in most recent Marvel films. While that’s mostly due to the first-weekend rush, as fans flock to avoid the spoilers that follow soon after any Marvel movie is released, it’s something Marvel will surely want to stop worrying about. produce in the future.


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