Love & Thunder Concept Art Features an X-Men Villain


Thor: Love and Thunder concept art shared by artist Sung Choi features a cameo of an X-Men villain, who sits on a throne in Omnipotent City.

Early concept art for Thor: Love and Thunder reveals the presence of a mythical X-Men villain in Omnipotent City. The fourth installment of Marvel’s Thor The franchise was released in July. As the film hit a box office milestone, surpassing the franchise’s beloved previous installment Thor: Ragnarok (2017) in a shorter box office window, it received mixed reception from critics and fans. Complaints cite the film’s overdone comedic tone, the effects used throughout the film, continuity issues in the story, and the film’s use of its villain, Gorr The God Butcher.


Of course, no film is perfect, and Thor 4 again massively outperformed the second installment of the franchise, Thor: The Dark World, both in terms of reviews and audience reviews and numbers. Since the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, many early concept art was released by artists who worked on the film. Some images released have alternate looks for the characters, including an impressive and intimidating rendition of villainous Christian Bale Gorr. The concept art also revealed moments that were ultimately cut from the film, including a deleted scene from Lady Sif and a few cameos from key MCU players.

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Concept art for Thor 4 shared by artist Sung Choi via Instagram features an MCU X-Men teaser, featuring the appearance of Cyttorak, the mythical entity behind the Juggernaut’s power through the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, seated on a throne in Omnipotent City. See the post below:

In the image, Cyttorak sits on a large red and gold throne, surrounded by a few other prominent players. The scenes from the movie Omnipotent City are a visual treat and are full of references to other comic book gods, with Zeus being the most important player and the reason Thor goes there in the first place. Thor 4 The connection to Omnipotence City also laid the groundwork for the Hercules post-credits cameo. This X-Men cameo takes Easter eggs to the next level, offering another nod to mutants within the MCU.

The revelation that concept artists included Cyttorak among the omnipotence city deities in Thor: Love and Thunder comes after Patrick Stewart appeared as Professor X in Doctor Strange 2 and the direct mention of mutants in Ms. Marvel final. Although Marvel’s SDCC laid out plans for Phases 5 and 6 of the MCU, it didn’t include any discussion of mutants, so it’s clear the studio is gearing up to tackle mutants at some point in the future. With the role of Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever sparking discussion about another breadcrumb in the MCU’s mutant trail and Doctor Strange 2 potential confirmation that Cyttorak exists in the MCU, perhaps Cyttorak and other iconic X-Men characters will move from concept art to screen sooner rather than later.

Source: Sung Choi

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