Medical casting concept uses recycled materials and sustainable methods


When you have a broken arm or leg, one of the things you can do to help it heal is to place the limb in a cast. They all look almost alike with their usual white color and with the cement material. The only thing you can do to make it different is have your friends sign it or even have someone put some graffiti-like art on it so you have something nice to look at. while you recover (and while it itches like crazy). What if there was a better and more sustainable option to give people a better casting experience?

Designer: California College of the Arts

An award-winning concept called AXO aims to create a cast that feels more like a fashion statement than a medical emergency. More importantly, it’s something that’s easy to put on, can still make your skin breathe (compared to regular cement plaster) and is made from recyclable materials. Designers are also looking into this product to realize the production of medical castings in sustainable ways.

From the concept renders, AXO looks like something you’d wear to the MET Gala or a fashion shoot rather than a medical fix for your broken bones. The concept also aims to reduce the need for additional examinations and may even prevent further damage to tissue, muscle or bone. How they will be able to do all this is something they did not specify in their concept description. There is also no mention of materials, but this may be understandable if they are still in the development stage.

From the photos and videos, the material appears to be some kind of synthetic rubber, although they mentioned recyclable materials. It would be interesting to know more about AXO, especially on the medical side, to know how it can be better than the medical casts currently available in the market.


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