MINI Concept Aceman: Pokemon Mode version was Gamescom Play Partner


Among the most unlikely collaborations that could happen is certainly the one seen between Mini and Pokemon, which was also presented during Gamescom 2022 and the new one called “Mini Concept Aceman” in Pokemon mode.

With this initiative, a new announcement is also made that Mini has become the official team of Mobility and the ‘Minim’ section. The company teaches automotive as a product of the biggest video game event in Europe. The product of this is a very interesting novelty.

One of the main characteristics of the Mini Mini is the positive and future-oriented approach to individual mobility, as well as the distinctive design of the vehicle. Gamification will play an increasingly important role in the MINI of the future and will provide our customers with a unique experience. The collaboration with Pokemon will unite millions of fans with two iconic and young franchises. This is how we will achieve a whole new goal at Gamescom 2022, the biggest event for modern fandom, gaming and pop culture, he said. Stefanie Wurst, Head of MINI.

The main sponsor was in the gallery pavilion, the photos presented in this page, as well as the exhibition pavilion. The MINI Concept Aceman is characterized by an attractive and inquisitive approach to challenges, the company explains. The slogan “Plug-On”. symbolizes the pleasure of driving.

The MINI Concept Aceman in Pokemon version was seen in a showroom built like a toy car trunk and allowed an accurate view of all its unique features.

If the Experience Mode joystick is operated by advanced projection technologies, the animation extends to the projection of the dashboard, front door and apron.

Pokemon miniature version, on the back of the box.

The Poke Ball can be seen on the OLED screen and moved around. The orange glow passes through the dashboard and door light bar, but also extends inside the vehicle. In a new animation, Pikachu appears from the start. The famous Electric-type Pokémon shoots a bright yellow lightning bolt that blasts through the vehicle through the interior doors and onto the apron.

The design team behind the MINI Concept Aceman has created an exclusive MINI Art Toy at Gamescom 2022. The MINI Art Toy embodies agility and self-confidence, just like the concept car. The XO symbols also reflect the interior design and playfulness of the MINI Concept Aceman and are perfect for Gamescom and the wider gaming scene.

The concept car was shown as an Action Pack at Gamescom 2022 alongside the MINI Concept Aceman. In the transparent box, characterized by action figures and with special design features, such as a bobble ball in the center of the rim, the exclusive MINI Action Pack Concept Aceman becomes the ultimate collector’s item for everyone. MINI fan and video game enthusiast.

Pokemon is the hottest fad in the entertainment world. First introduced in 1996, Pokemon is red and Pokemon is green. The wonder of finding, collecting, and training Pokemon is the ability to play a role in video games.

Pokemon mini version.

MINI had the ability to choose a Pokemon as suitable as Pikachu for this collaboration. All of the world famous Pokémon are small and special, and they are all capable of electrical energy. With the fifth generation, MINI will always continue on the path of electrification and will become an all-electric brand by the beginning of the 2030s. I saw electric sales increase by almost two last year , demonstrating that the MINI community has grown and grown. She quickly turned to electric mobility.


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