MultiVersus Fan Creates Epic Black Suit Superman Concept


A MultiVersus player shows off concept skins for Superman, including his iconic black and silver salvage suit from the comics and movies.

A MultiVersus The gamer recently shared awesome concept art for alternate Superman skins, including his iconic black costume from the Death of Superman bow. Earlier this summer, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer Player First Games have launched their own response to the genre of 2D platformer brawler popularized by games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl with MultiVersusa crossover of various mascots from beloved franchises such as DC Comics, looney tunesCartoon Network, and even more adult-oriented properties like game of thrones. Naturally, the Man of Steel is the chief comic book hero appearing in this Warner Bros. themed extravaganza, and some have even gone so far as to say that MultiVersus is the best game featuring Superman to date.


Whereas MultiVersus contains a decent assortment of popular characters and alternate costumes from Warner Bros. extensive library of IPs, there are still a few notable characters and appearances missing from the game at the moment – leaving dedicated fans to imagine what they would look like if included. These fans shared theirs MultiVersus concept art for characters like Daffy Duck from looney tunes fame or even the infamous Saul Goodman of breaking Bad and You better call Saulwhile others used mods to modify existing characters like Wonder Woman or replace Superman with Glamrock Freddy from Five nights at Freddy’s. Now another MultiVersus The player shares a less terrifying view of the Man of Tomorrow, one that would bring one of Superman’s most iconic looks to his latest video game outing.

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Reddit user FoxieMoose recently posted a pair of fan-made concept images of Superman. r/MultiVersusTheGame with a collection of potential alternate character skins for the legendary Kryptonian hero. In addition to a festive summer outfit, the sinister Cyborg Superman, the darker look of the Man of Steel from the Godfall storyline, and even a skin of its equally legendary cousin Supergirl, this concept art features some awesome renderings of Superman’s famous black and silver uniform in MultiVersusit’s funny, cartoon art style. Two alternate versions of this MultiVersus concept costume are shown: one with a silver cape and one without, and Superman himself sports a mullet and full beard when he wears this striking outfit.

MultiVersus Concept Art Brings Superman’s Iconic Black Suit To Life

Superman’s black costume, officially known as the Recovery Suit or Solar Regeneration Suit, is an important element in the mythos of DC’s most iconic hero, as the Man of Steel wore it to regain his strength after his infamous battle with Doomsday in the Death of Superman script. The costume has been adapted into live-action thanks to the Arrowverse and Zack Snyder’s Justice Leagueand it’s even been featured as an alternate skin for Superman in video games like Justice League: Heroes and Injustice 2.

Given how iconic Superman’s black and silver outfit is in both looks and lore, this would be a fitting alternate skin for the legendary hero in the future. MultiVersus Updated downloadable content. Only time will tell if the black recovery suit will appear in MultiVersus, but anything is possible in the world of Warner Bros.’ hit the extravaganza of cross battles.

Source: FoxieMoose/Reddit

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