New Ross to Host Paranormal Convention “Day of the Unexplained”


Some of the biggest names in the paranormal industry will descend on New Ross in February next year, for the first-ever paranormal convention.

The event will take place at St Michael’s Theater on February 18.

The “Day of the Unexplained” convention is the brainchild of Anthony Joseph Kerrigan of GhostEire and local resident Mary Nolan – of Back In Time Paranormal Investigators.

Anthony and Mary have spent many years in the field of paranormal investigation and felt that a one day convention where like minded people could meet, network and explore all things paranormal was much needed.

“It’s the coming together of the paranormal and spiritual community,” Mary said. “It’s an opportunity to hear about our haunted history, ghost stories, witchcraft and even UFOs.

“Have you ever had that burning desire to find out more about something unexplained, but you didn’t know where to go or who to ask? “Day of the Unexplained” was created for open discussions about spirits, ghosts, the paranormal, crystals, the supernatural, hauntings, stories, aliens, witchcraft and UFOs. There really is something here for everyone,” said Mary.

Throughout the day-long event, audiences will meet a diverse range of speakers who will be more than happy to speak and share stories of investigations and personal experiences.

“Here they will pass on their knowledge and offer the opportunity for a Q&A session after each speaker. Whether you are an armchair enthusiast and hobbyist or a first-hand experiencer, there really is something here. There will be psychics and psychics on hand during the day for private readings as well as an array of paranormal gear, books, crystals and other merchandise available for purchase.

Speakers include: Dr. Ciaran O’Keefe – who is a psychologist specializing in parapsychology and forensic psychology. He is an accomplished author, speaker and paranormal investigator and has made numerous appearances on Most Haunted UK.

Steve Parsons – who is a leading expert in infrasound and a longtime veteran investigator and researcher of ghosts, hauntings and related human experiences.

Warren Coates – who is from Northern Ireland and was the founder of the oldest paranormal research group on the island of Ireland.

Dr Callum E Cooper is a Registered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He has appeared on numerous British and American radio and television programs on parapsychology and has lectured on death and bereavement.

Ashley Darkwood – is a psychic, tour guide and paranormal investigator, founder of Darkwood Productions and the HighWycombe Paranormal Investigators.

Dr Eamon Ansboro – holds an MSc in Astronomy and is a Director of Space Exploration Ltd, also a member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU).

Dr Gillian O’Brien – holds a doctorate in history, board member of the Irish Museums Association and Fellow of the Royal Historic Society and expert in dark tourism.

Helena B. Scott – is a psychic investigator, mental and light trance medium, writer, and historian specializing in secret history and the occult, energy and ley lines, the paranormal, and Gothic literature and art .

For more information, you can email: [email protected] Tickets go on sale on the theater’s website from October 1st.


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