New (GLO) concept likely to outperform Trust Wallet Token (TWT) and Stellar (XLM)


It goes without saying that the best investments are in the companies that achieve mass adoption – your Googles and Apples and Amazons, etc. who have billions of customers. The same goes for crypto investments. How do you choose which crypto ecosystems are likely to gain mass adoption? The trick is to look for platforms that are so easy to use that you don’t have to be a crypto geek to take advantage of them.

Look at projects such as Trusted Wallet (TWT) and Stellar Lumens (XLM), for example. Both are good platforms, but are they ready for the mainstream? For starters, the crypto wallet market is going to be flooded. Which one gets to the top is anyone’s guess. And while Stellar offers considerable utility for crypto platforms, again, it’s not something you can say will be adopted by mass consumers.

If you’re looking for a project with the potential for mass adoption, look no further than Uniglo (GLO).

Uniglo (GLO) – a new concept of investment DAO

Uniglo is a DeFi DAO of a different color. It is developed specifically for the average consumer who is interested in long-term diversified investments rather than advanced users. All you need to do to hold a massively diversified portfolio of digital assets is buy and hold the GLO token. And the sooner you do it, the better. Indeed, GLO tokenomics strongly benefits early investors and long-term holders.

The idea of ​​this DAO investment is to build a community of like-minded investors who pool their collective intelligence and funds to build a collection of all kinds of assets. This can include cryptocurrencies, investment-grade NFTs, and any type of tokenized assets such as stocks, gold, real estate, and tokenized rarities such as fine art and antiques.

The reason you might want to get started so soon is that GLO tokenomics results in an ever-expanding treasure chest and an ever-diminishing token supply. This is made possible by borrowing a trick from NFTs.

Normally, the 10% royalty payment for sales of NFT collections like Bored Apes goes to the company that launched the collection. However, with Uniglo, these royalties are shared by everyone who owns GLO.

A 10% royalty is paid to the Treasury on each sale of spare parts. It’s 5% from the seller and 5% from the buyer. As a result, funds are constantly flowing into the Treasury, even in bearish global markets. On top of that, the token supply is deflationary. A 2% portion of each secondary market sale is automatically burned.

While TWT and XLM suffer from the quirks and risks of volatility, GLO offers a super simple long-term investment plan that actually cancels out volatility and reduces risk.

Uniglo is currently hosting an ICO. You can participate in the private presale on the website for only $0.0145. That’s if it’s not already sold, as we think. By entering early, you not only save the 5% royalty, but you can also sit and watch while everyone who joins the DAO after launch hands you some cash.

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