Next Mass Effect – BioWare presents a new concept art


Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was a treat for fans of BioWare’s beloved sci-fi RPG series, but of course what most people want more than anything is another novelty Mass Effect Game. The next entry in the series was announced almost a year ago, and the game was in early development at this point, which means it will clearly be some time before we hear anything. either about it – but even so, to celebrate N7 Day as BioWare does on November 7 each year, the developer released new concept art from Mass effect 4 (or whatever the next match called).

It’s an interesting piece to watch, that’s for sure. It shows a number of figures standing near a ship as the crow flies, with another lone figure standing some distance from them in the heart of a crater. Interestingly enough, the shape of the crater looks a lot like the shape of a geth’s head, although given the theories that the next game will take place after Mass Effect 3 At the end of “Destroy,” there’s the question of how the geth will figure in the story – if that’s what this concept art piece alludes to, that’s okay. Either way, you can check it out below.

Of course, it’s going to take some time before we know it. The game doesn’t even have a name yet, and that probably won’t change for some time. If BioWare addresses marketing for the next Mass Effect game in the same way as for Dragon Age 4, we envision a significant gap between its announcement and its next big update.

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