Overwatch fan shares Junkrat Apocalypse’s polished skin concept


While Junkrat’s unique character model makes him a bit difficult to design, an Overwatch fan has given him an impressive makeover.


with new Monitoring Content limited to seasonal events and the skins they contain until the sequel arrives, it’s no surprise that many fans are focusing on in-game cosmetics. While many official outfits have been celebrated by fans, others Monitoring the players came up with their own designs.

While there have been a lot of skin concepts in the past, like Hellboy Lucio and a rich version of Roadhog, there have been plenty of new outfit designs shared over the past few weeks. A concept turned D.Va into an alien from outer space, her robot being a cross between a cow and a UFO. Another saw Wrecking Ball get into the holiday spirit, with the hamster dressing as Santa and his robot becoming a sled. Now Redditor CornyLope has done something so unique with his Junkrat skin concept.


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While Junkrat’s default appearance is already pretty apocalyptic, which commentator Doinkert points out, this design takes things in a different direction. Instead of Mad Max– Resembling Junkrat’s normal outfit, CornyLope gives the hero an Apocalypse outfit with bug-like qualities. Some antennae protrude from the explosives expert’s forehead, while an insect head is present on his Rip-Tire. Finally, the bottom of his coat is torn so that it looks like a pair of wings.

This led to Redditor 2point0777 jokingly dubbing the skin “JunkRoach”, a name CornyLope seemed to like. Insect qualities aside, the Junkrat fan gives the hero a new haircut. Instead of her wild, scorched hair, this version of the character sports short, spiky locks. Purple in color, they match the overall skin aesthetic as different shades of purple are visible throughout the outfit. Junkrat’s metal arm is yellow and pink, as is the hero’s prosthetic leg. With the color scheme being so different from what is usually used for Junkrat’s skins, the outfit would be a memorable addition if it ever became official.

Along with other details like a scarf around his neck, a gas mask and spiked armor over his shoulder, there are plenty of little touches for the Monitoring community to enjoy. Unsurprisingly, it has received a lot of praise so far. Key_Koi commented that they “needed this skin in the game”, while jelleu told CornyLope that it was a “really cool design”. While some fans also had constructive criticism, all were generally positive about fan creation.

While waiting for Monitoring 2 It will likely take a long time to come out, artistic fans are certainly busy with fan art and skin concepts. If Junkrat does end up getting a skin in the upcoming Winter Wonderland event, I hope it will be as memorable as the fan-made one.

Monitoring is now available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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