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Thinking outside the box led Phil Dyer to create his unique style of photographic art. Leaving aside one of the basic tenets of photography – “keep your subject sharp” – Dyer blurred his images, distilling them into undulating shapes, undulating lines and glorious colors.

Her work takes us into a surreal realm, where imagination intersects with unexpected shapes and flowing colors.

Dyer began experimenting with his style of abstract photography in 2012. His interest was piqued by the work of photographer and artist Josh Adamski.

Adamski’s images struck a chord with Dyer and he began his own journey in creating abstract images.

“What I love is seeing how each frame develops,” Dyer said. “It depends on what I start with and the techniques applied. Sometimes I like the result of a first try and other times it takes several tries.

The first thing Dyer looks for is a bright color in his original image that he thinks will blend well and harmonize with the other tones in his photograph.

Using photo editing software, he creates his magic by transforming an image into stunning works of art. Some of his images tell a story while others simply stop viewers in their tracks with their visual impact.

Dyer’s image “Almost Touching” is an award-winning photo by the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA). It will be exhibited at the APAC Photo fair at the Mission Art Gallery, from July 5 to 25, 2022.

Another project was a series of four images that told a story called “Attraction”. This set of photos recently won first place and a gold medal in the Curves and Lines competition organized by the Canadian Photographic Art Association.

Dyer strives to produce images that he would hang on his own wall. It’s a bonus for him if viewers engage with his work and like what they see.

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– written and submitted by Doreen Jung


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