Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s leaky fire-type monsters are a great concept


When generation 9 Pokemon games were announced, they took the internet by storm, with multiple pokemon scarlet and Purple fan art and dedicated websites created soon after. The impact Gen 9 will have will likely be noticeable, as Game Freak has shown over the years that fan-favorite features from new games tend to carry over into later, often-improved ones. This isn’t always the case, and some existing features, mostly combat gadgets, tend to get dropped when a new generation launches, such as with pokemon scarlet and Purple employing the new phenomenon Terastal rather than Dynamaxing.


A staple of the series so far has been introducing Pokemon species exclusive to one of the games’ two versions, making it desirable to have friends who can trade in leftover creatures – or even buy both versions, from a marketing point of view. In terms of gameplay, this is a cool feature that allows each game to have its own unique identity as even one version can differ from the other in terms of theme and setting, even if it is just one little. pokemon scarlet and Purple fans can’t currently make an informed decision on which version to pre-order, but a recent leak concerns a new Fire-type Pokémon that will evolve into two different creatures depending on which version is played.

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How Version-Exclusive Pokemon Split Evolutions Could Work

The most recent example of this logic comes from Pokémon Sword and Shield, both of which featured Applin, only for the creature to evolve into Flapple or Appletun based on an item available in one version. In pokemon scarlet and Purpleit looks like a new Fire-type Pokémon could evolve into a flaming sword in one game or a fiery warrior in the other, if this leak is accurate.

It’s an interesting concept because it reinforces the idea that for the experience to be complete, players will need both evolutions to complete their Pokedex. A flaming sword Pokémon and a fiery warrior Pokémon are two interesting ideas, but this split evolution seems to suggest that there could be a single creature that is a sword-wielding fighter. Whereas pokemon scarlet and Purple have a common theme of the past versus the future, this rumored Fire-type creature might better represent the themes with a current version that merges the two parts.

Pokemon games aren’t new to fusing monsters, with examples coming from Kyurem, Necrozma and, more recently, Calyrex. They’re all legendary Pokemon, though, and a merge that creates a warrior wielding a flaming sword isn’t a likely outcome for pokemon scarlet and Purple. It’s even more interesting than Applin evolving into a Rotten Dragon or Apple Pie, which suits the region well, but not as original as the leaked Pokemon Gen 9 Fire. Having two version-exclusive evolutions that complement each other is compelling, and it would be an exciting addition to pokemon scarlet and Purple.

Not only that, the idea could also be carried over to future games, perhaps implementing Pokemon fusions outside of legendary species. This could make versions exclusive in pokemon scarlet and Purple and future generations more appealing than just separate Pokemon that share a core design concept. All in all, something like this could be seen as a kind of ultimate evolution, where two creatures create a unique relationship based on mutual benefit, something that is already present in Pokemon games through certain evolutionary requirements.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple released on November 18, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.

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