Renault unveils a new op art style logo



Three-dimensional logos can work great on car hoods, but many car brands have found that it doesn’t translate as well online. Companies like Volkswagen, Mini, and Nissan have all flattered their symbols in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why.

Renault is the latest to join the peloton, revamping its existing 3D diamond – which dates back to 1992 – in favor of a geometric symbol somewhat reminiscent of the much-loved Woolmark logo (considered by some to be the best logo of all time).

The work (described by the brand as a ‘Renaulution’) was done in-house and is clearly designed with digital use in mind. In a video on the new logo, Gilles Vidal, Renault’s design director, explains that it was important to keep the diamond shape, which has existed in one form or another since 1925, while bringing “fresh and new values. for the future “. That said, the logo does look a bit like the brand’s 1972 mark, which also featured a set of interwoven stripes.

“Now it made sense to go back to flat design again, which is a thing of our times, while also giving it movement through the interplay of two diamond shapes curling into each other to create movement, interaction, complementarity, ”says Vidal, who points out that the flat logo is better suited to websites, apps, smartphones and screens inside cars.

The first model with the updated logo will appear in 2022, and by 2024 all Renault cars will carry the new symbol.



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