Ricketts Critic Matt Innis Vows to Go to State Party Convention Despite GOP Ban | Nebraska


The Nebraska Republican Party has decided to exclude Matt Innis of Crete, a staunch Donald Trump supporter who has been a vocal critic of Gov. Pete Ricketts, from its state convention in Kearney this weekend.

The decision garnered traffic on Facebook and in GOP circles.

Matt Innis

Innis, a former Lancaster County Republican chairman who unsuccessfully challenged Senator Ben Sasse in the 2020 GOP primary election and backed Charles Herbster in this year’s Republican gubernatorial primary, addressed a stream constant criticism of Ricketts on his Facebook page.

Jim Pillen of Columbus, who won the GOP gubernatorial nomination in May, has also been a recent target.

Innis said he was informed by the party that “your vocal criticism of Governor Ricketts, the highest elected Republican official in the state and leader of our party, has caused the (credentials) committee to refuse to accredit you”.

And Innis was told that “this means you will not be admitted to the 2022 Nebraska GOP state convention.”

“I’m going to Kearney,” Innis said in a later Drive Time Lincoln radio interview on KLIN. “I will be at the convention.

“You can’t make change if you’re not on board,” Innis said. “I’m going.”

In a statement released Thursday afternoon, Credentials Chair Pam Dingman said the committee “has declined to certify six individuals who are changing parties, starting new parties, or supporting non-Republican candidates.”

“We welcome vigorous debate and even criticism within our ranks,” she said.

“We will not, however, allow the convention to be used as a platform to help recruit or elect people who are not Republicans.”

In an earlier response to the committee’s action on Facebook, Innis said, “So if you say truthful criticism of Pete, the establishment is taking action to stop you from attending the convention.”

Innis wrote, “Many others who refused to bend the knee to the establishment were told the same thing.”

A review of Innis’ Facebook entries shows several entries criticizing Ricketts and, most recently, Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Pillen of Columbus, who was backed by the governor in the May 10 primary election.

Herbster was endorsed by Trump, who came to Nebraska to urge Republicans to vote for him.

GOP letter to Innis

“Just remember that Jim Pillen never opposed college,” Innis said on Facebook during the campaign.

“Pillen never resisted the UNL or cut spending,” he wrote.

Among a continuing number of entries criticizing Ricketts:

“Why does he feel the need to take credit for the hard work of others?”

“Pete has always been a reactionary governor. He’s never been proactive. He waits for others to stand up on an issue before stepping in just to make sure it’s politically good for him.”

“It is clear that Ricketts has completely tarnished his tenure as governor with his actions over the past two years.”


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