Saturnalia is a psychedelic horror game with an unusual art style that arrives in time for Halloween


There’s no shortage of spooky games to play during the Halloween season. And it always seems like there’s something new hiding place around the corner when it comes to releases. This year is no different with the announcement of the next self-proclaimed “psychedelic survival horror game”, Saturnalia. It slides onto the Epic Games Store on October 27.

You might think, “Hey, I’ve played them all” when it comes to survival horror games. But Saturnalia does something a little different with its core gameplay mechanic. Each time your character dies, the physical structures in your environment change. It’s not resident Evilbut Saturnalia takes place in an Italian village. When changes occur, new shortcuts open up that allow you to direct any of the four playable characters further. There is no doubt that you will die, however – Saturnalia is rogue-lite.

The rest of Saturnalia is similar to other survival horror games. There are ritual and cultic elements. However, it stands out from the back thanks to a heck of an art style that drives the game’s puzzles and narrative storyline. Saturnalia it looks like it was ripped straight from the pages of an art student’s sleep paralysis sketches. Another thing to note is that you will have an inventory of matches to help guide your way and act as your only weapon. So, mix these elements together and it seems like the right fit for your Halloween horror party.

Italian Horror Nights

Saturnalia will launch on the Epic Games Store on October 27. It is currently developed and published by Santa Ragione. Moreover, the story is based on Sardinian folklore. The only thing that isn’t overwhelming here is the PC requirements. If you have 4GB of RAM, storage, and at least a dual-core CPU, you should have no problem running the game at its minimum recommended specs.


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