Shang-Chi’s concept art shows some very cool unused costume designs


Shang-Chi concept artist Andy Park showed fans unused costumes for Simu Liu, and they don’t look anything like the final version.

Shang Chi Simu Liu

Marvel studios Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings hit theaters earlier this year and has performed incredibly well despite the ongoing pandemic, which has kept many people out of theaters. Now the new Shang-Chi Concept art offers fans an idea of ​​what Simu Liu could have worn as the titular hero.

Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings is Marvel Studios’ first martial arts film in its long-running franchise of superhero films. The film had an incredible climactic final battle that involved a lot more CGI than many anticipated, but it still kept the martial arts formula alive consistently. The final battle also featured a mystical figure known as the Great Protector, who took a lot of work to bring to life.


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Now, Director of Visual Development at Marvel Studios Andy Park took to Instagram to share two different concepts for the Shang-Chi costume. The first image shows an outfit concept close to the actual Shang-Chi costume the filmmakers went with. Park says, “That was before I incorporated the dragon skin / scales, and it had a bit of a modern urban flavor with the hoodie and everything.” The artist added that the dragon featured in the background had been added, “just for fun.”

The second photo features a different version of the costume than the one seen in the final version of Shang-Chi. The filmmakers obviously didn’t use this look, but it’s a great concept and looks more like a combat suit than her current outfit. The all-black design gives the character a more ‘spy’ look, which is why Park says, “It’s kind of a kung fu hero jumpsuit type look that I got to explore. Maybe it did. loaned to a more spy MI- Type 6 mission look. “

Concept art helps show the vision the filmmakers had as they worked on the film. Now that Shang-Chi is on Disney Plus, fans who haven’t seen the movie in theaters can now see how the team’s hard work went. The film is a great watch and a nice introduction to the next phase of Marvel Studios films. The threats grow bigger, the stakes rise, and nothing will ever be the same for the heroes of the MCU, even after Thanos is gone. If they are to prepare for the next threat, the heroes will need to continue to build a larger team of warriors.

If anyone wants to check out more digital artwork or concept art, be sure to check out Park’s Instagram. There, fans can see more concept artwork for Shang-Chi, including designs for the final battle scene, as well as artwork for other heroes such as Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch.

Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings is currently available on Disney Plus.

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Source: Andy Park / Instagram

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