Shattered Glass Decepticon Slicer and its official concept Exo-Suit Images


Hasbro’s Transformers design assistant @markclonus walks through the recent Shattered Glass figure with Insiders watching Decepticon Slicer and his Exo-Suit. There’s so much play in this set that Mark has to walk us through every application, from the Exo suit to the buggy to the Zarak spear in the commentary and images that follow.

Shattered Glass Slicer and his Weaponizer Exosuit should find a place in your collection, if you haven’t already, pre-order this cool squad to complete your heroic decepticon army!

But wait, he’s a good guy…a bad guy…nope…another reason to buy this cute robot and get a copy of IDW’s newest comic book issue of the Shattered Glass series.

As some may know I’m into the old masters of TF toyline action so when the opportunity arose to do an SG version of our beloved Wheeljack I had to revisit the fabulous interpretation of Botcon that I believe @artguy101 had a hand in. manufacturing.

I was really ok with what they did, but really wanted to pay homage to the quality of transformers with vehicles or “exosuits”, especially after the great success of the arsenal in Siege, I felt that there was to be a wedding here.

You’ll also see some concept art where I used a lot of inspiration from energon’s demotion weapons since that was the og mold for the botcon toy.

Yuki san at TT brought it to life by adding the articulation aspect to weapons.

You can also see how I first thought a bespoke Cog mech suit would have been the go-to, but no no, a 6WD all-terrain weaponry won me over. Mostly because I wanted my black Zarak to sport a transforming spear.

See you soon my cybertronian friends!! Enjoy!


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