Sicilia Outlet Village turns into an outdoor art gallery


Sicilia Outlet Village has been transformed into an open-air art gallery, after launching Spreading Happiness, an initiative of Farm Cultural Park.

Founded in 2010 by Florinda Saieva and Andrea Bartoli, Farm Cultural Park is located in the city center of Favara, in the province of Agrigento.

Through an incessant cultural program, with projects in Favara and Mazzarino, such as SOU, the School of Architecture for Children, the School of Politics for Young Women and the Human Forest, Farm strives to be a catalyst for urban regeneration and social change.

Both the outlet village and the farm aim to promote and spread culture and art in Sicily. This has led to the launch of a street art project called Spreading Happiness, which will involve the contributions of six extraordinary and internationally recognized artists who will bring their creative visions on happiness through different channels: murals, installations, illustrations and photographs .

The project, curated by Andrea Bartoli, co-founder and artistic director of Farm Cultural Park, began earlier this month. Visitors witnessed a live performance by Motorefisico, two Rome-based architects and designers, who used their characteristic geometric shapes and optical effects to create an installation directly on site.

Outlet village is now also a key player in the promotion of art and culture

Later this month, Domenico Pellegrino, a Sicilian artist who has made tradition his central theme, will enchant visitors with a light installation.

Graphic designer Alessandra Bruni will share her interpretation of happiness through her illustrations, while Paolo Raeli, a young and talented Italian-Danish photographer from Palermo, will present a series of photographs showcasing her distinctive and unmistakable style, intimate, passionate, romantic and uncensored.

In the fall, the first round of artworks will conclude with a mural by Alberonero, a refined artist who creates urban landscapes, and an installation by Polish artist Nespoon, who combines tradition and innovation, local and worldwide, with its giant mandalas.

Artwork will be produced on a scheduled schedule and will remain on display at the Shopping Village even after completion.

Managed by Arcus Real Estate and strategically positioned in the heart of Sicily along the A19 motorway linking the cities of Catania and Palermo, the factory village has not only become popular with buyers, but is now also a player key in the promotion of art and Culture.

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