Six Senses Ibiza takes its wellness concept to another level in 2022


The Ibiza outpost of a brand known for focusing on wellness is the pioneer of a new holistic concept.

When architect and developer Jonathan Leitersdorf started to create the resort opened in the summer of 2021, Six Sens Ibiza, it was based on a desire to encapsulate the community, spirit and celebration, as well as the connection to nature, that distinguish the isolated north side of the Balearic Island.

These three elements are expressed through a friendly dining area, the cliffside Six Senses spa and other less expected amenities such as the Beach Caves oceanfront concert hall with a recording studio. Well-being is one of the key elements that fit into this concept covering the indoor-outdoor complex immersed in nature, located next to and inside the northern tip of the rugged cliffs of Ibiza.

The resort made its debut this summer with several areas still in the planning stages. The year-round property will close for several weeks in January and February 2022 to complete the rest of these plans for the village-style resort. The 116 suites and two existing townhouses will be complemented by another 16 townhouses with four to five bedrooms and two more mansions – the resort’s version of a presidential suite.

The complex’s already extensive amenities, which include indoor and outdoor restaurants and bars, a farmers market, a sustainable fashion boutique, a fitness and wellness area and swimming pool, as well as the music room Live Cave and the recording studio, will then be joined by two new swimming pools with a garden.

When it opened, the retreat launched its science, spirituality and longevity concept, Rose Bar, as part of its Six Senses spa and plans are now underway to launch a longevity clinic dedicated to this concept of well. – to be alongside these other developments in early 2022. After launching here, this wellness concept could potentially find its way to other places.

“At the Rose Bar, we perform genetic testing, identify specific biomarkers and track them through programs designed to slow the rate of aging, seeing how you should be living,” says Leitersdorf.

These longevity programs were created in collaboration with biotechnology company Orgenesis and use advanced diagnostics to deliver next-generation anti-aging treatments and nutraceuticals. Treatments range from biohacking and intravenous infusions to mindfulness and spiritual therapies, also with the goal, like the resort as a whole, of connecting with nature.

“We recommend that people come for calibration for a week, twice a year: once in high season and once in cold season. What is really important is knowing that it is a year round destination. We’ve split the year in half to have the warm season, which offers a la carte wellness experiences, and then we have the cool season where people come for immersive retreats with visiting practitioners. At that time, it is really a retreat center where people can come and recharge their batteries in a more intense way.

“We want to create layers of experiences,” explains Leitersdorf. “One is culinary, seen in our ever-changing farm, others are in art, photography, spirituality and music. There are things going on all the time. Clients can go up to our Spiritual Center for breathing work and sunset sound healing or sunrise yoga. Even if you are not retired, you can start to check out all of the free workshops we give to all of our guests throughout the day. This is what we want people to have.

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