Sniper Elite 5 reveals more of the game’s art style



Rebellion Developments has released a brand new video for Elite Sniper 5 as they show more of the art style of the game. Although much has been said about the accuracy of the time period set and the weapons used, not much is said about the accuracy of the team when it comes to to make sure the world also looks appropriate. This latest video, which you can watch below, offers insight from the developers as well as the game’s military advisor and motion capture artist. Paul Biddis. While showing gameplay footage with the new in-game traversal, stealth, and retreat actions with new non-lethal options. Enjoy the video ahead of the game’s release on May 26.

Credit: Rebellion Developments

Paul Biddiss, the military adviser and action coordinator for a number of high-profile films and television shows, has lent his expertise to the Elite Sniper 5 the development team in addition to being the motion capture artist for Karl Fairburne, helping to ensure the highest possible level of authenticity to his movements and takedowns. Speaking of his involvement in the game, Paul said: “All of the takedowns are realistic to the training that was given to SOE agents…everything is realistic. There is no embellishment.”

The new video also details the other stealth options open to Karl, including new traversal mechanics that open up hidden areas of the maps and provide the player with alternate routes to complete their objectives. The player will also need to consider the audible range of their weapon and ammo when firing if they want to remain undetected. For Elite Sniper 5 the player will have a host of non-lethal options at their disposal, including the ability to incapacitate the enemy with kills and non-lethal ammo. These options give the player even greater scope to approach each mission and game scenario in a way that best suits their playstyle and goal.

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