Starfield shows vibrant jungle planet with new concept art


Bethesda is releasing dynamic new concept art for Starfield, its upcoming open-world sci-fi RPG slated for release late next year.

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One of the most anticipated titles of 2022 is Xbox and Bethesda Starfield, an open-world RPG very close to the studio’s other previous franchises Fall and Ancient scrolls. Information on Starfield have been spinning slowly over the past few months as Bethesda has shared concept artwork and screenshots from the game. Today Bethesda shared another concept art piece depicting a lush jungle environment.

Safer StarfieldOn the official Bethesda Twitter page, the Bethesda team shared a glimpse of a new biome for players to discover and navigate as they travel the cosmos. The concept art in question depicts a lush jungle environment undoubtedly teeming with unique and absurd flora and fauna, not to mention interesting and dangerous creatures. The Twitter post claims players will encounter environments in Starfield like this one which will be “luxuriant and abundant with life”.


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It’s clear with these concept art pieces that the Bethesda team wants Starfield host as many unique and diverse biomes as possible to keep the game fresh over what is likely to be dozens of hours of playtime. Taking a quick peek at the art of the jungle environment , we could miss the player character standing among his plants, seemingly tiny in comparison. Rest assured, creatures large and small will be lurking in and around this jungle, just waiting to mingle with the player-created character.

It’s not immediately clear whether this jungle is just part of a larger area of ​​the game, or whether an entire planet will be dedicated to this type of environment. Nonetheless, it looks like Bethesda wants Starfield to be as massive an excursion as it gets, truly making players feel that the universe is endless and full of possibilities. The company recently compared Starfield to have ‘exit’ moments, such as when players exit the vault in Fall Games. No doubt these moments will make good shots in camera mode.

Starfield won’t release until November 2022, so the Xbox and Bethesda teams have several months to slowly fill the fanbase with exciting new information to keep them sated until launch. Bethesda is confident the team will arrive by the November date, so there is only a little less than a year left before players can cross the Starfield cosmos.

Starfield will be released on November 11, 2022 for PC and Xbox Series X.

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