Street Fighter 3 Concept Art Shows Early Character Designs


Capcom shares some early concept art for Street Fighter 3, which shows off a bunch of playable characters that were being designed at the time.

Capcom has released the artwork for the first concept designs of the playable characters on street fighter 3‘s list. Whereas street fighter 3 is well received and considered one of the greatest fighting games of all time nowadays, at the time its reception was much more lukewarm and ended up being a commercial failure for Capcom. A few reasons why street fighter 3 bombarded at launch, include less appealing 2D sprites than the 3D revolution of the late 1990s, a more methodical take on the fighting game genre, and most polarizing of all – the cast of characters.


Originally, during development, Capcom did not plan for the game to be the next numbered entry until plans pivoted and forced it to change. street fighter 3The cast list wasn’t even originally going to include Ryu or Ken until the end of development. The other cast of characters though includes relatively normal street fighters like Yang or Dudley, while also including odd characters like Necro, Q, and Gill who stand out in comparison. Some of the early concept art of street fighter 3 indicates that things could have leaned more in that direction.

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According to a rough translation, some of these sketches are the first designs of street fighter 3drawn by veteran Capcom artist Akiman, who was responsible for the game’s design and promotional work. These sketches were shared to celebrate street fighter35th anniversary, with a number of weird and eclectic characters that didn’t end up making it into the final game.

There are fifteen of these characters, all of which vary in design and species. This includes a fighter who is just a velociraptor to another who is a giant robot. The first image in particular features the aforementioned dinosaur, as well as a messy-haired man who looks like Cody from final fight. The third sketch shows a naked man in a Greek-style statue, which Gill would evolve into in the final version of street fighter 3.

Other characters include a disheveled man, a big hairy monster, a mad scientist, a fighter who had bat wings, a normal-looking middle-income man, and even a giant straight-up robot. It’s likely that we’ll never see these character designs reappear in the next one. street fighterespecially with monsters street fighter 3 being a contentious subject. However, it’s a neat glimpse of what Capcom’s art team was designing that never made it past the cutting room floor.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike is playable through the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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