The BSV Global Blockchain Convention is almost here – here’s why you should attend


It’s been about 8 months since the BSV enterprise blockchain ecosystem came together at an event that celebrates the original vision Satoshi Nakamoto had when he launched Bitcoin 13 years ago. There are only a few weeks left before the Bitcoin and blockchain community converges in the Middle East for the biggest event of its kind this year. The BSV Global Blockchain Convention is taking place in Dubai from May 24-26, and if you haven’t grabbed your tickets yet, here’s why you should book your spot now.

The speakers – the world’s greatest minds on bitcoin and blockchain

The convention, which has been dubbed CoinGeek Conference in previous iterations, is popular for many things, but perhaps none more than its ability to bring together the world’s brightest minds as speakers. They give keynote presentations, give speeches, answer questions from the audience, exchange ideas on the panel, and even interact with the audience one-on-one.

Dr. Craig Wright will be among the speakers in Dubai, and that’s enough for any bitcoin enthusiast to rush to book their place at the event. Satoshi’s speeches at previous events have been a highlight, from his fearless criticism of Big Tech and its predatory nature in Zurich last year to his speech on how Bitcoin is a command and time stamping system. At New York.

It’s not just the main presentations, though. Dr. Wright never shy away from a heated Bitcoin debate with believers and skeptics alike. He took on economist George Gilder and shared the stage with crypto godfather Ian Grigg alongside skeptic Nouriel “Dr. Malheur” Roubini. Even the founding fathers of blockchain technology – Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta – also graced the stage with Dr. Wright to talk about the evolution of blockchain technology.

In addition to Dr. Wright, some of the developers and founders of startups pushing Bitcoin adoption around the world will also take the stage. They include the founders of HandCash, Centbee, Centi, Elas Digital, FanFactory Ltd, Britevue, VoguePay, Haste Arcade, Tokenized, BlockReview and many more.

The event will also be honored by non-blockchain leaders, including government officials, financial experts, developers, venture capitalists, and more.

Presentations—new products, core updates, new features, partnerships

While speakers will have plenty to delve into, including the development of the global blockchain ecosystem, regulations, NFTs, DeFi, Bitcoin SV new all-time highs over the past year, and more, the BSV Global Blockchain Convention is known for its stunning announcements. new products, core updates and new features on existing products, new partnerships within BSV and beyond and much more.

Already, Jimmy Nguyen, the founding president of the BSV Blockchain Association, has hinted that the association’s partnership with a university in the United Arab Emirates has led to the development of a prototype for an academic and professional accreditation platform. powered by BSV, and he thinks she might be ready. for presentation at the event, as he told CoinGeek Backstage.

With the Dubai event set to be even bigger than its predecessors and the BSV ecosystem now bigger than it has ever been, there are bound to be many more announcements at the upcoming event, and you certainly don’t want to miss them.

The added factor – it’s in Dubai

Dubai will host the BSV Global Blockchain Convention for the very first time. In fact, this will be the first time the event has traveled to the Middle East, a region that has become a global leader in blockchain adoption.

Dubai is renowned for several things, most importantly its luxurious shopping experiences, vibrant and bustling nightlife, and state-of-the-art architecture, including the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.

While all of this is undoubtedly enticing, bitcoin enthusiasts will certainly yearn more to connect with the leaders of Dubai’s blockchain ecosystem, most of whom will be attending the event. Whether it’s startup founders building apps on Bitcoin for the masses, venture capitalists driving the growth of those startups, or government officials facilitating industry growth, the event is the place to be. great place to connect and interact with them.

Networking will not be limited to local innovators. At the event, you will meet the personalities of the global Bitcoin ecosystem, all of whom are eager not only to expand their network, but also to offer their advice and guidance to fellow founders, to share the secrets of their success and even talk about what the future holds for their businesses and the industry as a whole.

Companies and brands that want to be part of the event can register here to be exhibitors or sponsors of the event, and with thousands of people expected and tens of thousands more watching online, this could be the best marketing you can do.

Media entities will also receive all the help they need to cover the event, with CoinGeek facilitating the entire process. By registering here, they will have access to speakers who will answer all their questions and even benefit from dedicated facilities for their staff, including media areas and interview rooms.

As we count down the days until May 24 for the BSV Global Blockchain Convention, make sure you’ve reserved your place at the historic event by picking up your tickets here. See you in Dubai.

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