The Council canceled the XTC convention at Steam because it was “inappropriate”


By Barrie Hudson – September 16, 2022

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  • XTC at its peak – fans traveled to Swindon from all over the world

Swindon Borough Council has explained its decision to ban an XTC convention from Steam.

He did not consider it appropriate to hold an event featuring music close to the date of Her Majesty’s funeral.

The gathering – XTC convention 2022 – was due to take place at the Great Western Railway town museum from today – Friday September 16 – to Sunday September 18.

In recent days fans of the band have arrived in Swindon from all over the world to celebrate the hugely influential band from Swindon.

However, according to the convention’s private Facebook presence homepage, the event will now be held at three venues – MECA today, Christ Church Community Center on Saturday and Jury’s Inn Swindon on Sunday.

Cllr Matty Courtliff, Swindon Borough Council cabinet member for culture, heritage, leisure and the inner city experience, said: ‘It was not a decision we took lightly and was considered very carefully against the national period of mourning guidelines for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“In light of many other canceled music events across the country and the huge outpouring of emotion currently being expressed at a time of local and national grief, we have not seen fit to host an event featuring live or recorded music until midnight so close to Her Majesty The Queen’s funeral.

“I understand that some people may find this decision disappointing and I regret any inconvenience that has arisen for the organizers, attendees and local businesses supporting the event.”

Some fans have taken to social media to criticize Swindon Borough Council.

One wrote that some 200 fans had been left behind and added: ‘Completely deranged behavior’.

Another said: “Swindon City Council hangs its head in shame! Forced the STEAM museum to cancel the XTC convention, forcing organizers to change venue because of the Queen’s funeral on Monday.”

The same fan pointed out that the convention was due to end on Sunday and added, “No real reason given, how little they care about our city’s history or arts and entertainment.”


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