The developers will hold a national convention


Bria Homes, one of the nation’s leading real estate developers, is joining the National Real Estate Association’s 26th National Convention, a virtual event co-hosted with the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development on June 16-17, 2022.

NREA secretary general and general chairman of the convention Ma. Ysolde Flores Prado said that the online convention is part of a series of on-site and online activities that NREA has organized for members and other stakeholders of the industry.

Themed “Real Estate: Towards 2022 and Beyond,” the convention will hold virtual consultations on real estate concerns and seek solutions to housing issues.

Bria Homes is set to attend the National Real Estate Association’s 26th National Convention.

Stakeholders will present forecasts and outlook on the real estate sector and a proposed roadmap to address the housing backlog.

Participants will gain a deeper perspective on the real estate market – how it works, how it affects prices, demand and supply for residential and commercial developments, the impact of government laws on the real estate sector and a general picture of what what the future holds for the domestic housing industry.

He expects a multitude of real estate professionals who will receive the continuing professional development credits needed to renew their license or certification in the case of brokers, consultants, appraisers and salespeople.

Property developers such as Bria Homes, one of NREA’s sponsors and convention partners, are joining the event. Bria also participates in the NREA Trade Shows from July 1-3.

Bria says that with the economy well on its way to post-pandemic recovery, she is seizing the opportunity to reach a large market of aspiring Filipino homeowners with hands-on activity — including casual passers-by and passers-by — and offers them its viable housing options in more than fifty residential projects nationwide.

Homebuyers can check out Bria Homes premium, well-designed home designs and state-of-the-art amenities.

NREA and Bria Homes hope to encourage Filipinos to pursue their dream of home ownership because it is within reach – trusted financial institutions and property developers will make it happen.

“Bria Homes is thrilled to be a part of NREA’s National Convention and upcoming real estate activities, as we know these initiatives bring us closer to providing viable homes for every Filipino family,” said Eduardo Aguilar, who died of Bria Homes division.


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